Monday, August 27, 2012

In From The Shadows

People who are not listed and labeled anywhere. They do meager work so that they can get handful of meal at the end of the day. Living simplest of life one can imagine and they are nameless and faceless shadows, nobody remembers them. They come and walk past. Least contribution to economy, yet forms the biggest part of it - INFORMAL SECTOR.

ILO defines this in the 1970s:
“Survival activities and those working in the marginal or peripheral segments of the economy forms the informal sector”

The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) OF India carried out a sample survey in 1999-2000 and its results showed that out of total workforce of 397 million, only 28 million workers are employed in the organized sector and remaining in the unorganized sector.

These hapless people are pauperized by the circumstances. Forced to keep on living like this. For them crossing that line of 'Great Divide' is close to impossible. Often exploited at the hands of fate they are further abused by the so called "middle-class" and "high-class" educated humanoids. Most of  the times these poor fellow don't even realize that how their rights fundamentals rights are breached every single day because they don't know what on earth Fundamental Rights are.

We don't need charities and policies that are drafted just to increase the weight of paper. We need this sector be organized.. seems impossible but at least we can take a step. Let's not pulverize their already shattered lives. 

Would love someday to see this world devoid of ills like poverty, unemployment and  hunger etc. In the words of Yunus Khan -Once these atrocities are gone, we'll need to build museums to display its horrors to future generations. They'll wonder why poverty, hunger, unemployment continued so long in human society - how a few people could live in luxury while billions dwelt in misery, deprivation and despair. 

Let's not leave them alone, lost in shadows instead let our hearts of stone become heart of flash by learning where these outcasts weeps ~  Brennan Manning 


  1. Be nice for such issues to disappear, but sadly as long as the rich want more they won't.

  2. i think we def have to be creative in looking at these issues...once you are there you can feel stuck and in many ways become stuck....organization is def a good direction...

  3. True dear,its not just India but the world over. Some sorta balance must be created. easier said than done coz only a pure soul would stand and make sure things change without distractions.

  4. Wonderful thought ... wonder how difficult it would be to achieve though

  5. दिन को दिन में जी लेना है,
    कल की कल देखी जायेगी।

  6. Government with its plans which as you have rightly said are more known by weights of the papers are more inclined to terminate this sector rather than to rehabilitate it. The simple tactics being -to remove poor,poverty shall be abolished automatically!

  7. Wish things could change for better, Jyoti!

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  9. Well heres wishing and hoping things improve and changes happen ..
    but with more and more youngsters like you speaking about the issues , it will hopefully soon turn into a NOISE and you know noise is required to make the deaf hear ..


  10. Jyoti,

    While I agree with you that instead of wasting time and resources by making policies which just stay on paper, we need to organize this sector but at the same time I have my serious apprehensions that this will lead to politicizing the issue with a handful of persons making political mileage out of it while the situation will still remain almost the same. What happened at Maruti Factory, Manesar is a clear example.

    Take care

  11. what a post you wrote!!
    damn gud yaar....

  12. You are so right Jyoti! We need action than more scripts.

    Only with the darkness of shadow – labors, the owners shine like a star of the sky... and for the eyes only the bright thing caught attention easily.

  13. The problem is greed. While money governs everything, nothing can change because the more they have, the more they want and, they don't care how they get it. That is all over the world. To change it, money and greed, ego and lust for power have to be overcome and I'm not to sure it can be anymore. It would take some huge global event to make money useless again and have riches in what can be grown, built etc etc. Very thought provoking read.

  14. Actually the entire system is based on sucking people. Everyone who is positioned above in the hierarchy will try to snub the lower level. Coming to the inorgnised sector, I think it is organised in its own way. I have seen it in two countries, it has a way of its own and the reasons it is so is because lot of illegality is attached to it. However, hard work should be rewarded fairly no matter what I said above...

    Though provoking!


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