Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day of Retrospection & Contemplations

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
~ T. S. Elliot

I sit back and think 
how it was ?? 
Good or bad 
or it was nothing but static. 
I did my best
Or am I self-biased 
when I say it ?

I know the truth
the real one.. 
inside my head
I did best, 
could have been better..
Who knows ?

Those days are past 
for forever..
sulking about it 
doesn't  make it better. 
Clinging  on to the good ones 
marching on..
for the next. 

Mistakes I reiterate.
Distractions that penetrate
my strong willed wall..
shake it down
to the verge of fall.
I'm staunch, not to 
commit them again.
Less pains for time ahead..
just results and gains :) 

Happy New Year fellas.. Make the next year a different one !!     


  1. I love the Clinging to the Good side part. We really must learn to move on.

    Happy New Year.. I hope & pray You Have a Fruitful One.

  2. Hopefully many gains come to you, happy new year!

  3. but that is life ups and downs :)

    Happy new year to you and family


  4. Yeah, at times even I think it is mere statistics or I could have done it better but the one big truth is - It is past, history and we can never change it. Just work towards the future.

    Wish you a happy, different and better than last New Year :)

  5. the last and the next will be as good as we want and make you know....happy new year and i wish you all the best in the one that is now here....

  6. Jyoti,

    Let past be PAST and learn from mistakes made told so beautifully. Hope we all follow this.

    Take care

  7. Introspection and moving forward in life are the key take aways from this crisp post,Jyoti! Have made a note of this for self too:)

  8. Musings de novo , new resolutions! A new year full of promises! sublimity and a subtle feel characterize your posts , may be its a poem or a prose!

  9. Thanks for the wishes, carrying hope :)

  10. nice one jyoti ji
    Happy new year 2013 to you and family :)

  11. Fantastic! A vision of hope - prepared by experience and learnings from the past. I am very sure it will be another year of gains.

    Happy New Year, Jyoti!


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