Friday, January 25, 2013

Guilty Conscience Grows

Conscience doth make cowards of us all.
  ~William Shakespeare,

Conscience, we all think we have one and yes in some twisted sense we do. It's the personalized compass we all suppose to be having while inflicting our opinions on others. 

Real conflict starts here only. This compass is flawed and biased. It gives different readings for different subjects. It's constantly exposed and rusted  with the everyday input we get from our surroundings. Encased in different capsules conscience is no longer snow-white its somewhere in between black and white. 

Religion, society, polity, community, gender, cliques and classes, peers, senior, junior  and what not.. the circles of enigma can go on. All of this makes us dive deep in to false pride and prejudices.Problem is there's no diving out... Just floating forever.

Even the small decisions of our life are not fully independent of this drama in background. It just goes on and on and influences even minutest details of our lives . We end up being oblivious pawns who are standing right on the edge of precipice fighting battles of others in the guise of our own

We say we have conscience.. But, do we really have or its just a notion carefully crafted by everyone around us ?

Life's odd enough
to look like a mess
everyone says it's
much similar 

to a complex
game of chess. 

Really, because
there's no queen
or a force of sepoys.
But, mean bunch of
too grown up
girls and boys. 

Who turn all stones
and flip all pages.
They try all keys
to pick the locks 
of layers of cages.

personally forged for each
alive soul. 
Concentric and overlapping
it succumbs us all.

We cut n cross each other
sometimes literally
like pawns of a game.
Everyone says they have 
magic pill of freewill
they are not some pawns 
who are tamed.

Really, is it the case ?
I highly doubt it..
conscience seems not 
developed or cultured
but forced and tamed.


  1. Nice writing Jyoti! I however believe in making and keeping things simple in life:)

  2. Beautiful thought process and excellent creation. Great work Jyoti.

  3. What is right and what is wrong is all dependent on the sacrament we get and the ways we are brought up, so its all relative -our conscience is sharped and shaped by the experiences we endure...creative piece of writing- You deserve to be litterateur of English language! :-)

  4. i have never known conscience. ego yes. conscience no. but then i do my share of whats right and whats wrong and i wilpersonally feel, a conscience isnt between black and white. that would mean that you are constant. its more like two parts of the conscious. or the unconcious. the black and the white. and everything we know just comes in one of them. ofcourse as the day sprays over night and darkness over light, it too shifts.

    ofcourse i can be wrong. but everyones allowed a view right? :)

    1. yes.. everyone has his/her own view.. :)

  5. Conscience is nothing but our morality and if there isn’t such thing we would lead a worst life. I don’t know about other but I can’t live without conscience. I think at least we have somehow no matter what… for me, it’s better to be black or white instead of mixed gray.

    Well captured the subject, Jyoti!

  6. Nice and Deep. Good Work Jyoti. :)

  7. All seems to depend on time and place what the conscience seems to embrace, of course for some with their brains in their bum, they are just rather umm dumb haha

  8. i question in when i look at the actions of some...i dont does not seem consistent....or maybe people just dont listen to it...

  9. I agree with Jeevan - our morality is our conscience. Nevertheless it is a game we play with ourselves - we can overcome our conscience when it suits.

    Anna :o]

  10. Your words have a strange power.. :)

  11. Jyoti,

    Beautifully worded poem telling the true situation. One can strive to keep conscience clean but it needs a lot of effort.

    Take care

  12. First I like the new look of your blog. I think it is a twisted notion. We use it only in speech, I have seldom come across someone who implies or applies it. A thought provoking introduction and a beautiful poem.

  13. First of all how are you Jyoti? :)
    I absolutely agree with this :

    "conscience seems not.
    developed or cultured.
    but forced and tamed".

    I believe conscience is an art ' it is a practice..Conscience improves with experience..Conscience is un-biased...

    You wrote absolute awesome piece :)

  14. i think therefore i am issue i guess...
    we are thinking-beings basically nha

  15. Superb


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