Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Friend and A Real Friend

"The difference between a friend and a real friend is that you and the real friend come from the same territory, of the same place deep inside you, and that means you see the world in the same kind of way. You know each other even before you do."
 ~Laura Pritchett

Real friends... there's no way of defining them. These are those implicit relations that grows day after day. They form a very crucial part of your support system. They are the very pebbles &stones of your bedrock. You have each other's back every time you feel like having one. Many times you agree by dissenting. You never actually fight but, keep pretending. You share nearly everything but manage to have that small creased space which is vital..

Biggest blessing 
and a gift you are.
No gripes
I ask no more
you're that sand 
which came accidentally
on my shore.

We bonded 
took our time
then you stayed forever
we became partners
in everyday crimes
soon you were
an integral part
of my shell and core.
You change places
but, you ain't changing  shores
not anymore.

One another's balefulness
freaky felicitousness,
mental myopia
and farsightedness...
we agnize  each other's bone
its fractures, flaws
and burthen it can carry on.

Pint-sized life
that I've lived
not many, but I'm blest
with few, and it's fun
I swear to you.
To those few
I holler my thanks
you're the brightest speck
of sand, that rests
on my river bank
Shiniest of all
my dazzling stars **
In this era of global village there's no dearth of friends. But, when  a real friend enters in the equation the whole mechanism changes..


  1. True friendship defined in its all subtelities! But many of words just bounced over head. May be only a true friend could fully understand them! :-)

  2. for me it s a thought provoking post...
    it s actually good to once a while analyze the friends we have, friends and real friends, who fits in where...

  3. Jyoti you never know that friends could emerge from nowhere in this boundryless world:)

  4. ...we can easily find a friend anywhere... it's all given... i can be your can be my friend too...though we lived in different place...& probably different time... so easy to fall into a qualification of the word 'friend'... the real question is how many of your friends can meet your standards or definition of a 'real / true friend'?... in fb we have thousands or hundreds of friends... but can you count from 'em which one is real or unreal... def it will take time sometimes forever to fully know a person... it takes time to fully give trust... it takes time to find a friend by heart, mind & soul... smiles... i enjoyed the read...

  5. Real friends share sorrow and happiness. They create situations that make things easier for us. Their mere presence or little things they do can reduce tensions and solve problems. I will have them as a friend! Nicely Jyoti!


  6. I never got to experience such fellowship, which I have wished many time.
    I liked the picture and happiness shared by them. Lovely poem Jyoti :)

  7. smiles...funny...for school right now i am doing a paper on friendship and how it develops and what we look for in a friend over the ages...there are plenty of peripheral friends...but it takes something special to be that one good friend you know....

  8. They are always there, true friends are rare

  9. Beautiful words of true friendship and the joy of it.

    Agree very much with Pat - true friends are rare, true friends ARE always there for you.

    Anna :o]

  10. You are soooooooo talented!! Great post from a GREATER Lady Flower....

  11. Real friends are recognized in one glance and that is rare.

  12. Real friends is a rare thing and I'm glad I have few. Beautiful poem. :)

  13. Ohw! Very sweet poem on real friends and friendship Jyoti! :)

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  15. Excellent post. It gave me the smile I needed for the day.

    I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog today. :)

  16. You illustrated friendship so beautifully :-)

  17. Real Friends Wont Do u wrong,Real Friends Don`t Change.

  18. Friendship is worth the eulogy.Nice one Jyoti.

  19. Future is always very uncertain,who knows what shall happen next?

  20. Dear Jyoti, Friendship is a sea of sincerity, a continent of concern, and a galaxy of understanding.
    I really connect to above descriptions in its true terms. well written !! keep it up. God Bless you. murthy.kvn.


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