Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gladdest Thing Under The Sun

I will be the gladdest thing under the sun
I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.
~Edna Millay
Isn't it strange that we focus on one thing and leave aside everything else. Don't we all are committing a personal offence by missing so much in this wide vibrant world. We all born in a particular family. Every family relates itself to a particular belief system. Though we've not inherited that belief system genetically somehow out of established social practices every child gets this gift  from their parents. One peculiar thing about elders- they are too adamant to change. They are kind of close to other's interpretations. But, look at the world- it is full of different types of belief system and faiths... Each having their own fortes and classifiable lineaments.. What if we can experience or try and inquire about, if not all then, as many as we can.
I find it hard to tell you
the mystery that surrounds
brobdingnagian ocean of
things I don't know yet
and the ones which are all around.
Some of them were forced
quite literally
how I unlearn them
how do I forget ?

It'd be so fun
if I can touch them all
know each one of them
tie them all, on a single string
why I have to choose one
when I can have million.
Who stops us ?
what stops us ?
the nameless, faceless people,
we call them "society"
or the real obstacle is within
the coveted red-tapism
and self-fabricated anxiety.

We all crave for having good friends. The lucky ones have them in many numbers. But, we never stop ourselves from making more friends. Throughout the life we keep on adding layers and layers of relationships. Bringing as many as we can people in our social umbrella. Nothing stops us from experimenting there. Similarly when we learn and read we refer many books... the more the merrier. Music is known for bridging the gap a language creates.. then why can't we develop tolerance for other faiths. When it comes to religion why adopt this isolationist approach. Touch everything, learn everything, feel everything. Do not stick to just one.... there's so much fun and life beyond What and What nots !!


  1. So very true, but some have a one track view that they won't change, religion and politics are the down fall of society

  2. nice...i def think it good to be informed on the various religeons and gain a base allows us to meet each other and understand each other a bit...i think some are afraid of that as well thinking they will be contaminated...i def do not see it that way....

  3. Jyoti wish more people have maturity of thought like you:) Beautifully written!

  4. Very True Jyoti. Interesting read.

  5. that was like going back to my sociology classes :)

  6. True, we must explore the vast world out there. I learnt a new word today but I am sure I won't remember the spelling. (brobdingnagian)

    Your posts are always thought provoking, Jyoti!

  7. सच है, ऐसा ही लगता है जीवन..

  8. Well said! I too like learning many things and connect myself with thing I have no idea but to let aware using through. Belief is something that no one could force one another.

    It’s fascinating reading through this front.

  9. Jyoti ! Your thinking is good so your expression is excellent. But I am wondering about our society, past was super present is good what will be on future ? After all we are living in a modern world !

  10. Our scriptures advocate,'Charaiveti,charaiveti..'meaning move on and move on..dont stick to just one philosophy,belief system!


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