Monday, February 18, 2013

Do Not Be Angry

"Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards." ~Vladimir Nabokovar

I've been sampling 
this for days
on and off 
going on a stroll 
coursing the beach 
gingerly looking out
minding like the dickens 
every word and speech.

Tenacious efforts 
you put every time
you're bloody obdurate
so am I
don't try, hurts us both
block it off

before one of us chokes.
Oh, redundancy it creates
drooping me, day by day 
these games of charades. 

Antipathy maturing 
inside your head 
drop it dead
my friend
I' m what I am 
how can that change ?
Both of us 
naive to mutate
let's go on a walk together 
we'll tune our ways
in a way
that doesn't bother.


  1. One never knows which way the rain wants to gives in. mighty gravity that pulls it along...but then the rain has no choice...but we the human know art of balancing..or... as you say art of tuning our ways...we forge our own paths sometimes parallel ..sometimes cross...

  2. Heart wrenching expression Jyoti- never thought you could go so far off!

  3. आपकी इस उत्कृष्ट प्रविष्टि कि चर्चा कल मंगल वार 19/2/13 को राजेश कुमारी द्वारा चर्चा मंच पर की जायेगी आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है

  4. A balancing act indeed, one so many find it hard to grasp.

  5. रजनी सडानाFebruary 18, 2013 at 9:03 PM

    बेहद रोचक,काल्पनिकता से अधिक जीवन की व्यावहारिकता के धरातल पर टिकाव दर्शाते सुंदर भाव |
    रजनी सडाना

  6. राह एक निकलेगी,
    साथ चलो,
    कुछ पग मेरे संग।

  7. Your poems always make so much sense.Nice one!

  8. smiles...i like the suggestion at the end to take a walk together...and tune together in ways otherwise unable....very cool closure...

  9. let's go on a walk together
    we'll tune our ways

    Lovely, Jyoti:)

  10. we'll tune our ways
    in a way
    that doesn't bother.

    I like the element of compromising at the end. It helps make relationships more meaningful and to sustain longer! And that's a lovely portrait. Nicely Jyoti!


  11. Lets just be ourselves. Just take life as it comes and learn from it. Till then enjoy what our relationship offers...

  12. you just create magic with your words...good one!!

  13. some things never change.. but like you said, tuning lives
    in a way that doesn't bother can solve it all

    nice poem

  14. That was beautifully written. It's good to meet you, Jyoti! :)

  15. let's go on a walk together
    we'll tune our ways
    in a way
    that doesn't bother.

    Beautiful and thoughtful poem Jyoti...Loved the intro quote...


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