Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smart Phones Dumb People ?

Smart phones, dumb people ? As gadgets take over lives, have we become less intelligent ?

Really is that so ? I think hard and sometimes the answer is a Yes and sometimes it's a No. This book does the same it tells you how technology can be used for some higher purpose. How people can do something more than just facebooking, instagramming, tweeting or whatsapping. Prathajeet Sarma keep reminding us throughout the book that all this smartness that we tend to fallaciously assume that we possess is not the real smartness. Inherent smartness is something we need to work on and keep working on.As he says- creative application of mind is something we should not let go of. 

"So, no way; we are not dumber in the age of smartphones. We are actually smarter. However it is important to pause for a second and realize that smartphones or any other gadget are there to aid our decisions. They are not there to take decisions for us. Once in a while, perhaps we ought to remind ourselves of this, as the world changes around us and line between reality and imagination blurs. "

Book is well-written and some pretty awesome analysis and suggestions are put forth. How Innovation and Technology can be effectively used not only for obvious reasons like better management and administration but can also be used in fighting Indian specific monsters like excessive corruption and social evils. Some say that India is future super-power but still there is so much to be done. As Sharma states-

Parts of India and the world live in 21st century where as parts still live in the 19th  century. Whilst many of us live in times ruled by smartphones and the mighty internet, millions go without easy access to basics like water and electricity.

This can change, of course it can. Sincere and unspoiled efforts can make it happen. Add the technology and creative human mind.. nothing is impossible. Purpose will be solved if we can partially, if not completely, prove Honore de Balzac wrong when he says-
"Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact."

Smart Phones, Dumb people is a nice read. Many readers will enjoy the lightness with which this book is written and at the same time they will be able to grasp the simple and sincere message given by Parthajeet. The book has a lot about innovation and technology, how it can be employed better. It's a brilliant account of what real smartness when blended with technology can achieve :)


  1. Sounds like an interesting read and yeah there are plenty of dumb people, smart phone or not haha

  2. Love the title and so true. Smart phones and mostly dumb owners.

  3. We may be smarter now but we act dumber :-)

  4. बहुत ही रोचक किताब होगी, पढ़ने योग्य।

  5. is that really what happens? i m not very sure

  6. Technology is a tool; whatever we do with it should come from ours and not based on gadgets. I see internet or Smartphone as a tool of communication and platform to world sharing our experience along showcasing our creativity and learning things. Whatever a luxurious phones it can be unless man uses his mind that’s useless.

    The book sounds interesting cope up with the smart situation. Btw. I don’t use a Smartphone! :)

  7. Good topic and nice read.We should rule technology and technology rule not us.

  8. It's definitely going to be an interesting read.However,my own perspective is drawn in the middle of the two.We're dumber and smarter,however,this is individualized.Some people get smarter in this age while some simply get dumber.

  9. I want to read this book. And the line which you quoted from book is so right.

  10. seems like a nice read...will try to get hold of one...

  11. Hey you have tried your hand on review work and done it nicely..Kudos! Gadget and/or grey matter- the issue goes unresolved!


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