Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Nobody, Who are you?

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?
Then there's a pair of us?
Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!
― Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody
inside something's burning, maybe
it's my rage, swelled with no outlet
it dances, round and round it goes 
never halts, no one's to stop
where it will go
how it will leave 
nobody knows, not me.

I'm nobody
there's a voice that seeks  medium 
expand and diffuse in natural ways
but I scream so quietly, a hush 
echoes within, rises, simmers
where this all will fly 
how this all will settle down
nobody knows, not me.

I'm nobody 
there's a crave to punch so hard 
fight till last, till this beating heart
leave a mark, a scar, all to see
carrying the sky in my fist
where to discharge 
how to know, to be sure
nobody knows, not me. 

what you perceive of this world of mine 
what you equate between you and me
I keep searching, it goes wide
but what I'm searching
where I'm searching
how can anybody know but me
is it everybody's tale
I'm nobody..


  1. Oh my I absolutely love this...wonderfully emotive

  2. Nobody and somebody as they clash about, great one

  3. being a nobody is not a bad thing...when you start to think you are somebody you start to lose the ability to be anybody....

  4. मैं क्या हूँ, क्या ध्येय हमारा,
    यदि हम पीड़ित, जगत बेचारा।

  5. How can you be nobody when you are already somebody echoing your thoughts?I could not comprehend.

  6. If a nobody could make such a volcanic expression I wonder what would emerge when the same entity would one day be a 'somebody'...... ! awesome!

  7. The thoughts of nobody are heard well:)

  8. कल 03/10/2013 को आपकी पोस्ट का लिंक होगा http://nayi-purani-halchal.blogspot.in पर

  9. yes, it indeed is the tail of everybody. the search of the question of who we are and the rage that goes in to find the answer, to achieve the highest and then take a step easy when its done is something that keeps everyone going..and until we have that target and that answer we are all nobody's and we definitely aren't unheard..:)
    beautiful write-up Jyoti.:)

  10. Unless we realize the minuscule aspect of ourselves, we cannot realize the 'great' that is within us. Well written and deep, thoughtful poem!

  11. कुछ न होते हुए भी मैं का अस्तित्व तो है ... खोज निरंतर बडती रहती है ...खत्म नहीं होती ... पर रहती तो है ... शायद ये निरंतर खोज ही होने का प्रमाण भी है ...

  12. there is a bit of nobody, everybody, somebody and anybody in all of us :P
    this is a nice one yaar :D

  13. "मैं कौन हूँ " खोज जारी रहना चाहिए ....कभी न कभी कोई न कोई तो बता पयेगा l

  14. nice thoughts...
    I guess I am everybody...which again makes me nobody....
    When ever I feel like somebody, it's just my ego...

  15. Awesome!!
    You told the story of everyone here.... there is nobody to tell ..not even me, not even you!
    Best of yours!

    Stay smiling and writing!

  16. You are somebody,dear,needed by everybody and anybody who turn up here.

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  18. The silent scream is so eloquent!

  19. This is beatiful dear Jyoti.. the inner contemplation, feelings and sometimes the rebellion crushed tend to remain burning inside our hearts. This particularly happens with people of our age group when we find our feelings difficult to share. I felt one with your poetry. :)

  20. First time here... and liked this one.
    Actually came across here, when I was searching for my own blog, as mine is also Random Scribblings :)

  21. For a second I too was confused Me!!

    But yes indeed sometimes we do contemplate as who we are ?

  22. Hi, Jyoti......thanks a lot for the encouragement!


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