Monday, November 11, 2013

World As I See It

I look outside the door there's so much to see,
to feel, but I don't, I'm so lost in me
I ride my bike but I really don't, thinking
of something else, I ride, but not on the road

there are so many stories that needs an ear
many running behind me, I walk past them
indifferently, problems that aren't mine
don't worry me, information overload
everywhere I see, unprocessed most of it
dumped all in back of my brains, goes on
my life and me. I look outside the door
there's so much to see, but someone came
this time, and knocked so hard on my head
whispered- you ain't dead, not yet
laugh a little, make someone too
there's much to see, so much to do

see outside everyday to reassure
your heart beats, and till it does 
let it not beat for a single purpose.. 

Look at everything. Don’t close your eyes to the world around you. Look and become curious and interested in what there is to see.
~ John Cage


  1. Have a look around and there is much to be found that can astound

  2. Life is definitely worth being lively!
    Thought provoking lines indeed.:)
    Well put Jyoti. Loved it!:) :)

  3. well that was some inspiring writeup ! :)

  4. Well said ... wonderful thoughts ....

  5. Such a beautiful thoughts...Nice :)

  6. You know what ... you have a gift ... your posts make readers smile :-)

  7. ah there are so many people...and so many stories to hear...i wanna hear them all..ha...i try to talk to people quite often...esp in line...

  8. Yes,Jyoti I will look around. Nice thoughts.Meaning-fully typed.Where were you al these days,touring in long vacation?

    1. Nah.. No touring.
      was busy a little.. now I'm back on the track :)

  9. Really an indecent way of life keep our inner sight close having the sense that we have to look around. You did the good analysis of it in poem.

  10. Beautiful. I loved the knocked part. Made me feel like I got a jolt and should listen.

  11. Listen to your heart and look out that's what always matter. Simply love the way you write poems .... simple and beautiful.

    And thanks for visiting my space. :)

  12. There is so much to see and so much to do! Could not agree more, Jyoti:)

  13. This is different from your usual poems Jyoti.It's very deep and brilliant.

  14. "Let noble ideas come to me from all sides of the world" said Rigveda ( Aa no bhadra kratvo yantu vishwatah ). unless you keep your mind and eyes open this is simply not possible!
    A nice read!

  15. Jyoti, you always put the best stuff together!

    I used to volunteer at a retirement home, and often visited with a woman named Francis. She was in her late 90's and almost completely alone. She was from Switzerland, and had the cutest accent. She would always point things out that I would never see. She'd say, "look! Just look. If you don't, see what you're missing?'

    That's what your poem made me think of here. :)

  16. Yeah, we do that. We just ignore most of the things around us.


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