Monday, November 18, 2013

Who Are We, If Not We Talk

Be not afraid; the world is full of noises
Of yours and mine, from time to time!!

Talking, exit means relief, shedding
Of burdens and worries, light felt heart
Voice that comes out, leaves a mark
Pathway for the problems to follow
Then they just ooze out.

Heart seeks what? A congruent heart
That catches skipped beat and skipper
Says too little, next time a little more
Sometimes pushes, sometimes pleads
Adjusts, as shifts the needs.

Verbiage, overflowed this tiny heart
Crazy paving, then there’s highway
Speak, talk-to-me, faces say
Patterns, patterns so many
Public and personal displays.

Why interrupt when one goes on and talks
It’s a sober job to enounce, to rant, to scream
Sometimes, in midst of all this voiced chaos
A mind is freed, for a while at least
Come and go, that are worries.

Who are we, if not we talk
With voice or with quite
We all take this walk.


  1. ..your words did the talking Jyoti..message beautifully conveyed through the rich tapestry of words..keep it up.. :)

  2. that school vala comment by me oly :p

  3. Very well said Jyoti! I really liked the last three lines:)

  4. who we are with or who we choose to be with will say much about our quality of life and where we get to....the walk/the talk...i am all about it...smiles.

  5. But let me quote Gautam Buddha dear Jyoti -he said," Listen, if you cant understand my silence how can you understand my speech ....." Sometimes even silence becomes loud!
    Again see what famous Urdu Poet Bashie Badra said-
    "Mujhe ishtehaar si lagti hain, ye mohabbaton ki kahaniyan

    Jo kaha nahin wo suna karo, jo suna nahi wo kaha karo"
    (Loosely translated- All those so called love stories appear to me as advertisements, if in sublime state of love one should hear a saga even before it is uttered and likewise one should speak only what has not been heard " ......

  6. Beautiful write Jyoti! The talking releases the acts of participation and encouraging more talks! Nicely!


  7. nice....very well said Jyoti !!!


  8. Away we go, choosing each, along the way we can surely teach

  9. No comments ... will just smile and say, thanks for the beautiful poems :-)

  10. Words. They make or break. Sometimes silence speaks more volubly. At times words fail to convey.

  11. Talk out your happiness vent your frustrations and express yourself through words. Very well written. :)

  12. I just melt into your words. Seriously, that literary sigh of contentment, that was me. =)

  13. Crystal said it best (she always says it best) 'I just melt into your words' as well. Jyoti, you crack me up. You've got it all, my friend. I'm glad you're back and doing well!

  14. Lovely.Your meaningful thoughts have flowed into beautiful words

  15. Lovely title .. very well said and written :)

  16. Who are we, if not we talk
    With voice or with quite
    We all take this walk.
    ....Wonderful...we have forgotten that sometimes silence speaks more than words...

  17. Jyoti Mishra madam

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  18. beautiful...:) a very effective and insightful write up indeed..

  19. Magnificent!
    Great to read your observation expressed uncommonly on such a common habit.
    Best lines...
    “Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.
    You will never be lovelier than you are now.
    we will never be here again.”

  20. Beautiful. ...And we find ourselves.


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