Monday, October 31, 2011


"Expectations" a really heavy word. It varies people to people. I wonder how this trait is deeply embedded in our day to day functionality. It won't be an exaggeration if I say that it exists at atomic level. We do things because we expect things to happen. Love, friendship, work, office.... blah blah list can go endless. Everything/Everyone needs reciprocation, something in return. 
Newton says- " To every action there is an equal n opposite reaction." 
We all have our own desired versions of this " Equal n opposite reaction" and that is what we call " Expectations".
When the we get a reaction different from our own defined version we say
Ohhh !! Expectation hurt.

Its a tricky thing
twisted and poisoned
like a snake n its sting.

Its a bug 
a malfunction of our brain 
its a risky ride of a bumpy terrain.

Presence or absence 
Makes no sense 
Either way 
Fate resonates and
its almost same. 

By default: 
It Exists 
you can't deny it
it persists. 

Vicious circle 
with no end. 
You can't abandon it.
May be u try n avoid
or u just simply pretend.

Edith Evans says- I can't imagine going on when there are no more expectations.
What is easy?? 
Living with it or without it ? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unfortunate Stories

Modern World... age of Science & Technology, Shopping Malls, Sky scrappers, Internet, Social Networking. Space programs to other planets and their moons, new energy techniques....Sounds so fancy n COOL. We feel proud how our country and other countries are progressing. Sometimes we think, what we see n read in Science-fiction movies n books can become reality.May be someday we'll plan our holidays on Jupiter. 
But Stall for a moment... stop there.
There exist a parallel world which is exact opposite of what you just read. More than 40% of population is living in inhabitable conditions.... Some are victims of Nature and many are victims of Human race's actions n rejections. An acerbic reality. 
To witness it or catch a glimpse of it... it is not at all necessary to go to an under developed African Nation or  a disaster prone area. You can get a fair idea by just getting out of your comfort zone.

Thing is we see those unlucky creatures strolling around us on daily basis..... but given the insensitivity/resistance we have developed, for us they r either negligible or just a spot in the beautification of city.
We are so much engrossed in our own lives that things like welfare, help,charity sounds too trivial to do or even to think. 
An unfortunate Story:
 This is the story of a man who has lost his entire family in Tsunami and it goes like this-
Flood Victim !!
Devastated, destroyed
his dreams were.
With his family swept in waves
he was wandering in nowhere.
Homeless n clueless 
numb as a beggar. 
Tsunami swept
his family before
He survived
but, he wasn't alive anymore. 

Wiring of his head
faulted n messed up.
Millions like others
He too is a Lost Cause.
A Nobody who is screwed up. 
Day-Night, Week and Months  
now tricks his brain
like a cataleptic 
he doesn't know 
What is When ??

Zillions of similar stories with variations can be traced... It was just a single instance...
Another unfortunate story: 
A story of a 21st century well-educated Human Being. Fetching decent amount of salary and living life in full swing. It goes like this-

21st century professional.

In 21st Modern Century 
only Me, Myself and I are cared
who gives a shit about Rest.. 
They are God's property 
How can someone like Me can invest
my money, my time
I am already pressed
self-molested n distressed. 

Things like
Care, help, sympathy, charity 
are in my list of detest. 
I am living in a world 
developed n well-progressed. 
In which only people other than ME
are eligible, should be contacted 
and addressed. Because
Welfare, Altruism are not the type of clothes
in which a person like ME can get dressed. 

Now tell me Which story was more unfortunate ??
 Tragedy lies in both. But which one was gross.Which poses more danger ?? 

PS: In my last post Beware-Incredibly Contagious many of my friends suggested that "Smile" and "Happiness" too are equally contagious. This is to tell them that Yeah you guys are absolutely right and please "Be the carrier of this diseases :P  
बदनसीब कहानियां 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beware: Incredibly Contagious

Anger, irritation, frustration, bad mood... you name it... all these are the symptoms of a highly contagious disease. Most people give it a name.. "Screw U All ". Its presence even as tiny as spot sets off the trigger and BOOM... its all around. Funniest moment can be spoiled.
Don't be a carrier of this disease.
You can site it almost everywhere. A single person with foul mouth or mood starts it and
there goes: The instantaneous reaction. 
It's seriously difficult these days for people to think before spitting out words from mouth. When they do this..... 
Rest you all know.. Sh*&** F#^&**

See  that fellow 
with a sore mood.
spitting poison 
sucking all pleasures,
glee and good. 
The crap with which 
he was dealing before, 
he can't give it up
gonna bring it more.
With his annoying, fuming face
he's all ready
for some pointless race. 
Damn he is hard-nosed
He won't give it up
till he's crashed or
screwed up. 

This disease 
Incredibly contagious,
obnoxious, tragically
utterly, outrageous.
It doesn't have motives
but, trust me 
its patients do. 
An obscure fact
but, its true. 

Like a parasite
it feeds on host
can be fatal 
if, misdiagnosed.
Vitals may look fine
Root of cause 
lies in your spine. 
Lumbar puncture it 
before you mutate in a 
ugly looking swine >_<

Now its up to you guys... u diagnose this disease and treat it. 
This looks like best option to me. 
We cannot let it become an epidemic. 
As Steve Jobs say: " Stay Hungary, Stay foolish" 
But, Don't be angry or annoyed :D 

PS: Regular absenteeism of mine on blogosphere will not stop me from visiting your blogs. Your latest posts are there in my unread list and I am gonna visit them asap :) 
   ~ Jyoti Mishra !!
सावधान: महामारी 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speech of Silence

Silence brings peace of mind and is good for Introspection. 
Accepted, but it's not always true.
There are some silences which are abhorrent n unwanted. Silence after a fight/energetic arguments, after a scold, after wars, after death.
These versions of silence breaks you down in to pieces and pulverise your lives.  
Silence have numerous dimensions n expressions. It has its own language and speech. Which is universal and trust me can be deciphered without any prior experience. Sometimes silence can bring an end to strong-bonding relations, because none of each side is ready to utter a single word or speak out their issues. 
This silence is disastrous and we should always try to be far far away from this SILENCE whose speech always turns in to somber tunes. 

Absolute Silence.
Lull, an unwanted
Pester and
sinister appearance.
Silence, a state of detention 
an abstract of
numerous dimensions. 
It speaks in volumes
Hiding messages 
n indicts. 
Invites disgust n 
zero delights.

aches a lot. 
Hardly ever welcomed 
like an ugly spot. 
Hissy fit catches you
Silence, a strong catalyst
too tricky to construe. 

have riches of
and variety of shades. 
Its existence
gives cuts 
sharper than blades. 

corrodes  environs.
It finishes u down 
with blustering neurons.
It makes you blind 
an unkind sullen 
riot penetration in mind. 

Undoubtedly, there is a 
which is not bad at all. 
But, above mentioned SILENCE 
can kick u bad and make u fall.

PS: Silence can never be  a solution of any distress or misunderstanding. Speak up n talk. Make noise so that other one can know that things are not yet dead. There is scope of something. Speech of silence will never bear sweet fruits.
मौ के बोल 


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