Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year

Merry Christmas n a very very Happy New Year to  you all !!!!!
Have loads of fun, gifts, hugs, kisses... 
Party, Enjoy n do everything what u feel like doing 
in this festive season :) 
 PS: I have my exams in the 1st week of January.... So m partying n celebrating with my books... :P  Won't be blogging or reading your posts for few days.... but will b back soon :)
Till then keep enjoying n keep writing !!!

~ Jyoti Mishra 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Have you ever noticed that we all are Addicted... yeah I used the word "ADDICTED"  for perfection n flawlessness. How we always take extra-extreme care for getting things done accurately and A-OK. Even a criminal executes his crime with perfection, if not he/she ends up in jail :P  Now you won't agree with me on this as I displayed your addiction out on web, in front of everybody.
  Lemme give a proof from everyday life -- "Did you ever counted how  many times u hit backspace key before u publish your post on your website/blog". Yeah, there I caught you, I know you are giggling there and hiding your head down.
 We all ache for it, accept it or not. 
But, in real word where we all born and raised, where body and brain, unlike an electronic machine, is not installed or equipped with backups and backspace keys. Each one of us has flaws, we all make mistakes and we all lack in some or the other thing.
We're born imperfects. 
But, then
Why we lack empathy for people who are unable to do certain things ? Why we can't entertain lil flaws n imperfections in someone's personality ?
Why we hate misfits ? Why such austerity towards them ?

Note: I'm not talking here about people with physical or mental disability... they are the people whom I proudly call "perfect" in their own special way.

Just like 
every written word
doesn't have the fate of 
becoming a novella 
or of a song to sing.
It ain't heinous or bad,
to not to know few things.

This illogical race 
of highest numbers and perfect face.
Precision with Über-fast pace.
For those, who fail to chase.
Why subsist ?
 Lack of empathy, compassion,
support and brace. 

Some insignificant, puerile flaws. 
doesn't make a person, 
some ugly bat with pointed claws.
Nothing like bad or low to feel.
Everybody have one, 
no need to repent,
its not a big deal. 

Lets move above,
from the notion of perfectly perfect. 
Why not celebrate,
the benefits of imperfects and defects.
There's always a route, 
of corrections and checks. Never forget-
We are born imperfects.

So, next time if u see someone not good at something, for a change, give him/her a second chance or give him/her some other job. Spare your anger and save your energy for something else. Because its not possible for everyone to be good at everything at every single time. Try not to play Mr./Miss perfectionist everyday.
 दोष और विकार  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I need is Rhythm Divine

"All I need is Rhythm Divine"
There is nothing like music in this world. Its fun and nothing on this earth can replace it. One can never find a person who doesn't like music.Genre n taste may differ, but no one hates it. Its not only fun but a fantastic escape from the melodrama of life in which we all are trapped. No matter in what mood n surrounding you are, a fine piece of music can ease it out. Like a magic wand it has the power to heal n make all the things right. 
For someone like me a daily dose of it is essential for survival. I don't even dare to conceptualize the fact of living without it.

I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
But I feel my heart start beating to my favorite song.

In which I'm kinda lost. 
Like my favorite road, 
which I love to cross. 

With all the thumps n vibes, 
and all the tunes n chimes. 
I feel the waves of song. 
For which I can't crave long. 

n In a state of trance, 
a mood of joy n dance. 
I get the glimpse inside. 
of my secret place to hide. 
From the crap of world that
keeps me trapped outside.

n then I yell that song 
in my silent voice.  
I switch all my pains. 
In a full rejoice. 
I feel sane n strong. 
As I keep yelling that song. 

Que: What place MUSIC holds in your life ?
मैं और संगीत

Friday, December 9, 2011

Face in the Crowd

The moment you step out of your home, you are nothing, but a tiny part of CROWD or more apt word PUBLIC. Unrelated bunch of people moving together in train, in bus, on road.... in shops and so on. Millions of lives crossing each other, without leaving a trace. Thousands of faces we see everyday..... nobody bothers to remember or think about people we don't know. 
But, sometimes there are few faces in crowd you can never forget. 

I saw that face, 
as I was walking 
on the road. Something, 
was gravely wrong. I doubt. 
A man was crying his heart out. 
What was wrong ? 
I had no clue. 
But, no one to console him, 
that was weird too. 

At that moment. 
that Face made me think. 
How he ended up,
at this state of brink.
In such a crowded place, 
He was standing alone. 
Like an used blade.
Lying in a man's salon.

His face, projecting. 
Stacks of mistakes. 
Like a painting of, 
Struggles and attacks.
Who knows ??
How many more are yet to happen. 
To shake that man, 
Who is already, so badly shaken.

Then, I moved forward 
got engrossed in what I was
doing before. 
Same old, Same old
Daily dose of chores. 
A routine fight to 
maintain, highly coveted
reputation n decor.

Now, When I roam around. 
I am startled to found. 
So many, similar faces. 
With different stories and
different grounds. 
What's common was
just the pain, pain profound.  
भीड़ में वो चेहरा


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