Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Curious Thing

We all have tendency to get accustomed to things happening around very easily. Routine, job, moods, environment and what not. Somehow we are able to cope with oddities of everyday life and get on. So many people come and go in our life, each one adding a layer of different color and size. There are few who become much closer as compared to others. They succeed in breaching the walls of the fortress of strong personality we project to the outside world. With them we are nothing but ourselves, vulnerable but happy. We share our world with them and somewhere deep down unknowingly expect that we are an important part of their world too. But, the curious thing is despite all this friendliness and comfort 
we never actually get accustomed to being less important to those people than they are to us.
Image Credit: http://www.hoviscreations.com/Paintings/Painting82.jpg

Hysteria was clogging up my mind
curious thing, I wasn't supposed
to be feeling like this
still, strands of my hair were flying 
like stale threads of a ripped jeans
I tried and remain calm, wasn't easy 
by all means..

stinging with my own agony 
I gave a second thought to 
what she just said, sighed 
I closed my ablated eyes , although 
she did what she thought was right 
but, why I'm not feeling alright ?

I waited for long 
hoped she'll ping me back 
say something and I'll respond
that never happened and
le problème, at last I said 
life's a never ending parade 

of same notions
I gotta buck up 
and shed such emotions 
no one's obliged to give me 
exact replica of  what I want 
people are  just amis amants 

Now I remember what Lupe Fiasco sings 
Alright, already, the show goes on
All night 'til the morning, we dream so long
Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun go
Just remember when you come up, the show goes on


  1. Beautiful reminder ... loved it !!!

  2. i could relate it well! i hope everyone go through this mindset.
    beautiful painting. touching

  3. It's a story of everyone !
    Beautifully depicted :)

  4. I could most definitely relate to this my friend - on every level. I think I will share this with some friends of mine too :)

  5. Yep all have sure been there, even at my lair.

  6. i have to shed some emotions no one is obligated to give me...i feel that...and the waiting on those relationships as well and how messy they can be....love the painting you chose as well...

  7. i hear you...it's not easy and esp. when we really opened the doors of our heart wide for the other person, makes us very vulnerable.. i don't trust people easily but it robs me off the joy of deep relationships as well..so i think we need a certain willingness and bravery to open our hearts again and again despite of the risk

  8. Most of us can relate to your thoughts.When we have affection and care for some specific people we expects the same from their end too... That's not necessary! at least according to them but from our side our expectations. and suppositions leads to agony...
    I know the whole process but still that happens to me again and again, I console myself! :)

    Beautiful poetry and the image you've used here is so logical according to your theme :)

    Best wishes

  9. Well thought out words,
    I could relate in many area
    Keep up the good work
    Keep inform
    Best regards
    I am joining in

  10. Expectations lead to unhappy endings,agony and pain. That is the reason why our scriptures advocate the path of complete detachment which is of course very difficult but could be attained with practice.
    But yes you have put the subtle feelings in very touchy way!

  11. beautifully written...


  12. ..strands of my hair were flying..like stale threads of my ripped jeans..
    ..wow!!!...if you keep on writing like this..am sure you will breach the walls of the fortress that the readers have build around them..and hold their hearts captive...
    ..i loved the introduction part..you are very true..some ppl come into our lives..and they become a part of our flesh...
    ..keep on pouring on our feelings..keep the flame of writing burning.. :) ;)

  13. ..keep on pouring ur feelings.. *

  14. i guess a lot depends on who they are to us and vice versa...
    niways, this is nicely put down...

  15. This came very timely. I was once again struggling with the feelings of being less important to people compared to how important they were to me.

    I am trying to find a balance here and you have described the feeling aptly. How do you strike a balance between giving and expectations?

  16. "no one's obliged to give me
    exact replica of what I want"

    Bitter reality of life!!

    I guess everybody felt this way at least once in their life time!

  17. A fine reflection on the vulnerabilities of this thing we call friendship - and you are right - we do think our stories are more important...

    Anna :o]

  18. You said it.What we give may not be reciprocated.But sometimes more also.Interestingly penned.

  19. Anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun go
    Just remember when you come up, the show goes on

    Truly said Jyoti! Whenever others try to stifle progress there are elements that react positively! Nicely!


  20. You set the bar so high that every time I read your work, I feel less talented.

  21. Beautiful and touching. I love how it can be interpreted in more than one way :)

  22. The show goes on indeed, Jyoti!!

  23. That was such a raw depiction of a turmoil which every human being must have gone through some time or the other. Beautiful words Jyoti!


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