Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forget Me, Forget Me Not

"I don't wanna remember this crappy thing, not even for a single day". I've lost track of the number of times I repeated that sentence in my  life. Tried to console myself that from today onwards this chapter is closed... for eternity. But, do you really able to forget ? Then there are times when you want to freeze and say-" Let's not forget this" But, do you always able to recollect ? Answer is... at least in my case a big NO

How do you lose a word? Does it vanish into your memory, like an old toy in a cupboard, and lie hidden in the cobwebs and dust, waiting to be cleaned out or rediscovered?
~Amitav Ghosh

Some say that there's this thing called sub-consciousness and that's the place where all mysteries of memory that are beyond our understanding lies. I say- " Who Cares" when time comes this foxy memoir of yours play its card and all you do is deal with the consequences irrespective of good or bad.
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walking down the alley
plugged-in, listening songs
I saw a boy with a bunch of boys
red-tee wrapped around his waist
he looked like some hooligan, a total waste
bemired clothes and colly hands
holding a puppy, he made a puppy face

back in time
saw myself  in that same alley
with similar dirty dress and sounds
I was with my dog, rallying around
damn he's dead now and damn I hate that boy
I miss my dog, my spanking toy

People say so many things
so many people come and go
you process them all
some faded, some jaded
imprinted on your wall
you repaint or scratch
spot's never vacant again
and there isn't a train of thought
my friend
you won't be catching again :)


  1. Loved the last 3 lines!! Perfect!

  2. Nicely written. People come and go, but thoughts prevail by default someway. Liked the presentation and use of fonts.

  3. True. All faded thoughts are safely stored in your subconscious part of mind and you never know when they will be surfaced.

  4. like that image, not a forgettable one :P

  5. I love this - I have never thought of past thoughts as being stored somewhere in your subconscious...interesting.

  6. Yeah so many come and go, each leaving some sort of mark, much like a dog bark.

  7. some faded some jaded lovely rhyming line where memories appear & disappear but will ever remain in our mind to be recalled at certain times..Smiles jyoti for such mesmerizing verses.GOD<3U

  8. Powerful thoughts and your writing...
    Liked the concept you presented of sub consciousness!

  9. Some memories never fade and remain evergreen -but excruciating,painful memories fade with time...its nature's trick to help regain the equilibrium of man's mental status and life.
    But strange are the ways of human mind and nothing could be said with certainty about it.
    A thought provoking post!

  10. that painting as i think it underlines what you're saying perfectly..the things we think and lose only for them to be flooded to the surface in moments when we least expect..the mind of us humans are wonderworks..

  11. and there isn't a train of thought
    my friend
    you won't be catching again :)

    nicely written...memories are always there...:)your selection of font is artistic and looks nice. all d best
    sarika mukesh

  12. Life keeps reminding a lot of things....nice thoughts

  13. 'Saying to forget is very easy,but not forgetting is easier.' This is the meaning of a Malayalam song.really praise-worthy.

  14. i found a positive tone one the closing tones and totally loved it :)

  15. A lyrical walk down the memories ... loved it !!!

  16. really cool art with this...and nice flash back as well to your own time...i get that at times...i had a pups growing up as well...he was my first best friend....these thoughts come back to us at the most interesting times...

  17. Very interesting, esp. the poem part! Well done Jyoti.
    Forgetting is happening more these days, it sounds possible everything.

  18. कुछ शब्द उभर उभर आ जाते हैं, बस तभी जब आवश्यक होते हैं।

  19. You know such thoughts when surface haunts the most. Touchy poem, most of us can relate to those vacant memories.

  20. As usual really interesting Jyoti.


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