Sunday, April 14, 2013


I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf Heaven with my bootless cries-Shakespeare

Few days back an old friend of mine called me up. We lost connection long back but somehow she got my number. We talked a couple of minutes and decided to meet-up. There's a thing about old friends you can just dump all your F^*k n S*%t and feel light. Damn she was in bad state and the moment I saw her I knew that something was wrong, Long story short, she was living a life of an outcast in her own house and that made me think ............ that   

Do we need to be on an uninhabited island or in some scary jungle or jail to feel like an outcast ??
Nah, rather you can get that feeling sitting in your own room and I guess that feeling is more awful than the previous ones. Damned in your own heaven, among  your own people... who says you need to die to go to Hell... Hell is right here and you are burning right there in that corner and there's nothing you can do about it.
It's like people around you talking in some ancient language. Like they all share a past, a past with no mark of you. For them you are something of a queer type and all that comes out of your mouth is nothing but fiddle-faddle of your own making. There's no way you can convince them and no way they see what you see. Bounded by the chains of colored judgments their minds are clouded and blocked and you are pinned down, secluded in your mind you are there but not around. But, you hope for things to change and smetimes they do
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Mortals around her wonder
how can she ever feel like
some burning wood
in a middle of a room
others feeling warm
but she's aflamed, feeling
not worth a darn

pent up emotions
looking for a leak
to breathe some air
not to cease and appease
people talking, walking
snooping all around in
slow-motion and silent sounds

Clock ticks in her room
she peers back at it
move fast you prick, she raves
little bird in her wanna go out
she hopes to imbibe the talents
people outside have, she flew
but her clipped wings gave out

She's waiting for a morning
when sun will rise like never before
in bits n pieces she is garnering
gallant and galore
she's too tough for that clipped bird
in her heart, she's recuperating
every minute, every hour

Did you ever felt like an outcast ??
I did, many times... 
I am the outcast come home to roost and the eggs of tomorrow are incubating in my fame. You hate me, you love me, you made me, and now I am in you. I am like that disease brewing in your loins and I think you like it…” 
 Nikki Sixx


  1. Sometimes we do feel that the world doesn't understand us and loneliness creeps within ... I guess that's how we learn and grow !!!

  2. Yeah there are time no matter where we are that understanding can be lost near and far

  3. oh heck..home is the place where we should feel safe and terrible if that's the place where we feel like outcasts, i def. agree that it is worse than being on a lonely island

  4. You are up to an anatomy of loneliness -causes may be many and the state of being a outcast could be of many kind- apartheid and untouchables are also the pathetic states still a blot on humanity. There is still one more of a severe kind as elaborated in 'Manas' of medieval saint poet Tulasidas-
    जद्यपि जग दारुन दुख नाना। सब तें कठिन जाति अवमाना॥ (यद्यपि जगत में अनेक प्रकार के दारुण दुःख हैं, तथापि, जाति बहिष्कार सबसे बढ़कर है। ) An outcast from his people,caste is a more pathetic state! I don't know what happened to your friend but my sympathies are with her 0she should fight back to regain his status!

  5. Vivid emotions... Beautifully expressed

  6. This was a wonderful post...
    This morning I nominate you for creative blogger can visit my blog for more details....

  7. smiles. i have been the outcast...often when i was younger...and i hate to say but i even felt it a bit at home...i put a bit of it on myself though....def felt your verse though...

  8. विश्व वंचित कर रहा फिर,
    है सकल संवाद स्थिर,
    दृष्टि में दिखती उपेक्षा,
    भाव तम एकांत में घिर।

    मान लो संकेत है यह,
    कर्म एकल, श्वेत है यह,
    आत्म की राहें प्रतीक्षित,
    रत्नपूरित खेत है यह।

    एक क्षण भी नहीं रोना,
    हृदय की ऊर्जा पिरोना,
    मिल गया अवसर अनूठा,
    एक क्षण भी नहीं खोना।

    आत्म है अनमोल जीवन,
    उस विरह को खोल जीवन,
    देख ले क्या क्या छिपा है,
    जान ले क्या मोल जीवन।

  9. Poignant words.

    I've always felt like an outcast. I grew up in a house with four siblings all considerably older than I. There was no way for me to fit in. That started the ball rolling. Now, many times I assume the outcast role by choice. It comes easy, and as a writer, it's the perfect place for me to observe.

    ~VR Barkowski

  10. Well depicted state of an outcast!!

  11. Beautifully written. Yes I was the outcast many many times when I was younger. But being the outcast allowed me to develop a level of introspection that has stayed with I am glad I was :)

  12. A lovely expression. Thanks very much for sharing.

  13. I have felt the same so many times. So poignant the lines were.

    Beautifully penned:)

  14. thats like feeling lonely in a crowd...
    nice work yaar...

  15. You shared great thoughts with us! Your poetry portrayed the expression so well and I could relate it as well.

  16. did I ever feel like an outcast..yes probably many times during school and college...but then i created a wonderful circle myself and pushed out the negative people from my field of vision and mind :)

  17. Very touching poem Jyoti! I can relate to this poem.

  18. stranger in ones own pathetic..then that's th new disease people will die early in the most modern times..u have spoken a fact where many undergo the same, a loneliness at least once or many times in this crowded world.Jyoti superbly penned with common emotion of isolation touching the lonely mind.Thanks also for ur thoughtful comments.God<3U

  19. Very interestingly arranged the theme.

  20. Bhopal Wow? I hope that you were too young to remember. My brother went there to Engineering school in 1971.
    Your poem is very delicate.

  21. that's scary...thank god i never felt that way...

  22. Never felt this way. Nicely expressed.

  23. Sometimes, we don't find that connection even with closest of people. I bet everyone has felt this way one time or other. Many can relate to the poem.


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