Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mystery Spots

Every day, I'm sure it happens with you too, there are so many things people say to you, so many things those puppy faces do to you, out of jealousy, agony, anger or simply for innocuous reasons. If you start compiling them down or linger on to them for longer duration god knows how enormous can that pile be. Bronx cheers, shady remarks, taunting and twits, well there just too many ways to pull your legs and problem is people around you know you too well to use them when they feel like. Does that bothers me ?

Yeah pretty much. I would be lying if I say otherwise. But, I've made something clear to myself that all these people are nothing but road-blocks. They are just there, lying on my way where I intend to go. I guess they do a little good to me by keeping me on a leash. For an instant they do push me a little on edge but I make sure to drag myself up, or open up my parachute in time in case I make a wrong jump.

Thanks to those Mystery Spots in our brain where all this clutter is not only hived away but clandestinely buried and blocked so that fallout is almost negligible to naked eyes.

Each day brings its petty dust
Our soon-choked souls to fill, 

And we forget because we must,

And not because we will.

~Mathew Arnold

Does that bother me ?
all those nitwitted trumpery talks
those words when processed in my head
I let them walk, ambulate across my neural highways
keep riding, with speed bumps, across the alley all the way.

Does that annoy me a lot ?
all those wasted wish-wash talks
they do boil the fluid inside me, tempering me
those little nagging nick my skin so tough, though
in check, I always am, when reasons not swell enough.

How messed up I am ?
keep singing to me that song, if only
often coated with jaggary, those nuked taunts
aimed right at me, they do make a tangible depression
on the crest, of heart of mine, are in for stirring impressions.

What do I do ?
I keep my calm and go off of the tangent
dive into music and drift along the sound waves
of my song, pull a curve along my face projecting straight
no, it really doesn't bothers me, and I carry on with my life's parade.

My mind lets go of a thousand things,
Like dates of wars and deaths of kings
~ T B Aldrich
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  1. It can be fun to rant, but then you just give them what they want, so use it for blog fodder

    1. haha..
      yeah it really does become good fodder for blog

  2. जो रह रहकर अवलोकन का प्रश्न उठाते हैं, वे ही मूल प्रश्न होते हैं, उन्हें उनका भाग मिले।

  3. Carry on with the life's parade, regardless,Jyoti:)

  4. No more deny from my side. I quite understood and have learned somehow how to avoid being disturbed, even expose to it often times. Well expressed Jyoti

    1. Thanks Jeevan..
      you are an example for me !!

  5. it's good to listen to what people say and then weigh it - then decide what to do with it - i think some people really have helpful advice to give - others just want to talk you down - and it's good to not let their words keep you from walking the way you want to walk

    1. yeah.. some people are like those good samaritans..
      they help.. always :)

  6. जो होना है वो होना है ... क्यों किसी ही बात पे परेशान होना या खुद का कुछ खराब करना ...
    जीवन के इस सफर में बिन्पर्वा चलते रहना ही जीवन है ...

    1. बिन्पर्वा चलते रहना ही जीवन है..
      agree with u sir !!

  7. ha it is a big with most things in life we have to choose what we keep and what to throw away...its a great honor we show in listening...and considering what we take and what we leave

    1. filtering is important..
      people throw all good n bad..

    2. yes, they do...and we have to discern one from the other...

  8. That's the reason I keep calling you ..'so cool!' :-)
    You are right dear...

    Beautifully composed.
    All the best

  9. A good read. Makes me realize I also would be coming off as a rude person at times. Need to give a second thought before I let me quick tongue play in to my mercurial temper.

  10. I decided the only way to truly be happy is to let things go, to forgive and let live. No one should have that much power over you. ;) Beautiful thoughts.

  11. Human brain has this beautiful capacity to erase out painful memories -lovely post!

  12. You've got a great attitude. There will always be those people, but it sounds like you will always conquer them, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

  13. "...carry on with my life's parade." That's all any of us can do: not get caught up in the BS and keep marching. Well put, Jyoti.

    VR Barkowski

  14. I really wish I was more like you. I take the mean things that other people say to heart and too personally. You however do not and I think that you are just fantastic.

    1. hehe.. Thanks Murees.
      All these things do affect me, I'm no different. But, after a while I just let it go :)

  15. Wonderful Post Jyoti! thought provoking...


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