Monday, August 12, 2013

All I've got to do today is smile :)

I don't know much about life, I really don't.  If I start mentioning about the places that I've visited so far, I fear I won't even make it up to 2-digits. I don't go out much either. Not even met many people and haven't read many books. Does that makes me sad ?

May be a little, may be for a while, if I think too hard. I would love to go places, who wouldn't ? Places that I often gaze at in my atlas, traverse all those rivers, mountains, bridges and cities whose names I bone up every now and then. All those paths and routes which never make any sense when I see them on my map and all those palatable foods whose image only makes people drool. I'd give anything to meet new people every day. Talk to them, may be walk with them, share my world with theirs. Study religions, science, societies  languages, art, architecture, fiction, non-fiction and make strong my understructure.

I guess, I wish too much. Who can get all that in one life ?
But, that isn't a reason enough to stop me
Got miles to go before I even think of sleeping :)

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.
I am a rock, I am an island.
~ Paul Simon
One day this rock will roll and it will keep rolling until it smooths out. One day this island will be inhabited by people and others I don't know..

I'll go to places
so many that I'll lose the track
and I'll not make notes
I'll bring nothing back
will keep retentions in my head
too precious to give words
I haven't seen much, not yet
these eyes have a lot to witness
but I ain't sad
that's not my style, because
all I've got to do today is smile.

I'll meet different people
of all castes, color and creed
religions, countries, boundaries
so many barriers to limit my pace
but, I won't forget the place, the face
feelings and grace of all I already met.
I know not much about people
not yet at least, but eventually I'll
no reason to feel so bad
you see that's not my style, because
I've got to traverse so many miles.

I'll read a great deal
how much, I can't tell
dip in the fountain of knowledge
swim across noetic components
but I won't scribble down the details
devour all, skillful contrivance of answers
to problems complex and tall
I haven't encountered much
no, not yet. But I ain't sad
you see that's not my style, because
I've got to traverse so many miles.

I'll feast upon delicious, luscious
savour it all, my relish for food
will replete never, as new cuisines
are out there forever, don't think much
not a fan of tailored appetite, but
I'm no gorger but a trailblazer
picking up pieces of nature's park
my taste buds are young now
not senesced yet. But I ain't feel bad
you see that's not my style, because
all I've got to do today is smile.

As of now things are going easy
I worry, but they are entwined with hopes
and delights on the contrary
earth's a ball, within it so many balls
each have our own
I'm an alien to others in subtle ways
so much I've kept unknown, unsaid
little I know of the world outside
still, sometimes I burn in vanity and pride
emendable me, that's got to be my style
and then for eternity this face will smile  :)

What's the use of worrying?
It never was worthwhile.
So, pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
and smile, smile, smile.
~ George Asaf

 PS: I'll be less active in blogosphere. Exam time.
Will Catch up Soon. Till then.. Take Care !!


  1. lovely poem.....precious thoughts!!!

    do well in your exams!!
    wish you great luck!!


  2. Awesome flow of thoughts bearing smile behind! I truly envy upon your world and it’s an intellectual parade. Going out isn't a matter, but observing things and life surrounds. My inspiration lies within caressed by outer layers.

  3. LOVE this and all the sentiments behind it. You have plenty of time to make all your dreams come true :)

  4. As Dr. Seuss says,

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

    Best of luck!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. I don't get out much either at my sea, but can smile along with glee.

  6. Dear Jyoti,
    I've FINALLY made it round to your blog! Happy Monday!

    You have expressed many concerns that I'm sure affect a lot of youngsters in your position. I only know you through your writings, but you seem to be a well-balanced young woman, untainted by the mores of this cruel & wicked world. Rest assured that when the earth is restored to the perfect paradise it was originally intended to be, free of crime, wickedness, violence and all the other nasty temptations this life has to offer us, you will be able to accomplish all of your dreams & desires. You won't have to worry about being attacked just for being a girl (a sad occurrence for many young women in society today). Life will be a joyous and pleasant experience. The earth will be filled with righteous people. Peace will once again reign and happiness will be in abundance. There is much to look forward to in the future.
    For now, just be yourself. Take your time to enjoy your youth. Concentrate on your exams and everything else will fall into place at the appointed time. Best wishes & many thanks for your presence at my blog. I always enjoy seeing your smiling face. ;-)

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  7. Good luck on your exams!

    Beautiful poem, by the way. I've been blessed to travel a lot, and I have to be honest and say that even with travelling a lot, I still look at places I want to go. This was a good reminder to me to be grateful to the places that I have been able to visit!

    Thanks for a beautiful post!

  8. Message is one has to be content and smiling in any condition-haves or haves not! That is the mantra of a happy life. Enrich your within -and the world without would spontaneously turn beautiful- a way our sages and many prophetic people of the world have already practiced. Jules verne never visited India but in his magnum opus"Around the world in eighty days" he has described even subtle details of routes ,customs of the country -he also did not go to moon to describe the natural satellite in stunning details hundred years back -human mind is such a capable and marvelous thing Jyoti....and yours is already active in exploring the world within and without! -Kudos!

  9. Good luck for your exams!

    All smiles and best wishes for the random scribbler!!!

  10. May all your dreams come true and you see this beautiful world and traverse in all directions and meet new people! True, a life time is not enough:)

  11. ट्रेवलर हो जाना कभी कभी मन की स्थिति भी होती है ... क्या हुआ जो प्रत्यक्ष में नहीं जा सके, नहीं मिल सके ... मन की उडान को किसी की जरूरत नहीं ...

  12. and that learning makes all the difference...

  13. शब्दों का, भावों का सुन्दर और प्रभावी विन्यास..

  14. It's great to know more about the personality like you :-)
    Beautiful poem dear ..

    best wishes

  15. Your poetry is really amazing!
    It brings out many emotions simultaneously :)
    And it doesn't matter how many books you read. I know many weirdos who claim they have read many books.. :(
    never mind, all the best for your exams! :)

  16. Smile! smile and smile in mind with exam questions in hand.All the best.

  17. Beautiful you write all the tym...I appretiate ur thoughts nd way u look ahead in lyf...

  18. Nice read,.. Beautiful poem.. Keep writing..!

  19. Loved the poem.

    I have travelled a fair bit. But then, I too don't know much about life. I live life as it comes, living it to the fullest. If you want a knowledgeable person, probably you can talk with my Granma. Now she's a wise person, very articulate and talks sensible stuff all the time. But then, she's never been outside my ancestral village.

  20. "swim across noetic components" Excellent. I often read to travel--through space and time. It's amazing how much perspective a good book can give you into the human condition, but that said, everyone who writes should travel. Eventually.

    Hope you exams go smoothly--oh, and you've been nominated for a blog award, when you get the time to pop in. ;)

  21. Smile smile and smile! :) Beautiful quotes, beautiful poems and beautiful you :)

  22. Very nice.Looks like something that could've come out of my thought.I like!


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