Friday, September 6, 2013

I've Just Seen a Face

When did we see each other face-to-face? Not until you saw into my cracks and I saw into yours. Before that, we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade but never seeing inside. But once the vessel cracks, the light can get in. The light can get out.
― John Green, Paper Towns 

One fine day, an ordinary day it was
expecting nothing more than usual chores
my room bathed with mild sunshine 
sight that I routinely adored
chirping birds and the cool breeze
swinging all around at ease

Daytime is pleasant 
not as much as  mornings are 
I rode out for college
when my watch crossed 12th hour 
I got stuck in a jam , a heavy one
on top of my head a scorching sun 

More misery on the way to tell
honking cars and sweaty smell
it was more like a road to hell
all over the place, people, people
always people making  sorry face
self-inflicting what I call stress

Just ahead of me there was a bike 
in seat of two seated were three
I spotted two eyes peeping right at me 
unsettling it was and I chose  not to pay heed
she looked like some teenage girl  to me
but, by the looks of her she was married 

I turned up my head to look far ahead 
and I saw those eyes scanning me yet again 
ohh she was stuck and I was dazed 
kept staring my bag pack and  bike unfazed
when her eyes met mine, she just shied away
Curious me, am I dressed in some funny way

I checked myself two times 
traffic crawled and frustration so high
struggling men to move ahead in line
I caught her again, yes again
when she was gazing at the tee that I wore
now things were beyond my ignore

I signaled her- is something wrong ?
she again sighed away in response 
I observed her from head to toe
her countenance, man she was with 
donned in a shimmery saree 
her pallid face lacked in glow

I bet she was younger than me 
and I sensed somber in her eyes
she was shouldering something heavy
her discontented face said it all 
somehow, now I knew 
why she was enthralled

For her I was like that fancy painting on a wall
placed at such a height that outgrew her
and she was never so tall.
Guess I was a free bird for her 
though she wasn't hooked or restrained
some handcuffs are never in view, but sensed

I was so close to inquiring about her
she was an enigma to me, that mysterious girl
I came back home and looked up in sky
peeved by her nonplussed look and gaping eyes
for that girl, poor thing,  my heart ached
how she fancied for things she never had 

Sometimes I feel so discontent and distraught 
her suspired face forced in me a second thought.

Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.
― Henry Miller


  1. I love how we can make conenctions with people at a glance isn't it?

    1. yeah..
      so many faces with so many stories

  2. Nicely rhymed and nicely done, the road to hell sure is no fun haha

    1. appreciation for rhyming coming from you.. You made my day Pat
      thanks :)

  3. काव्यात्मक गद्य या गद्यात्मक पद्य -लेखन की एक विरली सिद्धहस्तता
    -संसार को देखने का एक मानवीय नजरिया

    1. I can only say Thanks so many times A..
      and it won't be enough :)

  4. Little do we realize how much there is for us to thank almighty about!

    1. exactly..
      ignorance and sheer indifference does so much damage.

  5. What we take for granted is so elusive to others

  6. what an encounter eh? you can see so much in others...sometimes i wonder too if we dont see a bit of ourselves...translating their story through our own, and sometimes maybe decisions we chose not to make...

    1. yes.. such encounters act as triggers for so many thought processes.

  7. We need to be grateful for where we are and what we have. We forget at times when things are not going well. A touching appreciative piece to illustrate gratitude.

  8. Life is all about present the gifts of today, and tomorrow ... loved the piece.

  9. Little things can be so revealing. Observing life that evoked thinking! It could reach us with lots of thoughts! Wonderful story line and great rhymes, Jyoti!


  10. Interesting how strangers can affect us or perhaps give us food for thought ~ Enjoyed the post and wishing you Happy weekend ~

  11. thats like a sunshower running smooth and deep...

    i m just wondering about the 'poem' she had on her mind...

  12. आपको हर बार पढ़ना, एक अनजाने पर रोचक मार्ग में बढ़ जाने जैसा होता है।

  13. beautiful poem.
    its stimulates many thoughts at such encounters. one gets to realize how much they have missed and how blessed they are than a few others.
    nice post. loved it..:)

  14. U are a queen of poetry though at times i find it so hard to extract the true meaning

  15. कहानी की तरह बहती हुई रचना ... विचारों की मानवीय उड़ान या समय का यथार्थ ...

  16. Oh, this was beautiful. The rhythm, flow, and unpredictable rhyme (at least that's my view on it) were absolutely perfect. I love a good textured piece like this. Thank you!

  17. I LOVE that John Green quote. Super awesome, and wow, how do we see the world around us? I've decided that's one reason I love reading so much. We get to see into people's souls.

  18. These lines moved me,

    "For her I was like that fancy painting on a wall
    placed at such a height that outgrew her"

    Few are not so blessed. Profound work, yet again.

  19. Brilliantly written Jyoti. Certainly she must have thought of the freedom she could have had, had she been you.

  20. From en capturing the beauty of early morning to the scorching sun's heat and the girl , you have done hell of a job . It was as though i could see a movie being played right in front of my eyes . I could totally relate to it and I am pretty sure those who read this piece did too . Simple . Thought provoking . Great job !

  21. There are some relationships we share doesn’t need much communication... its just sense that make us understand. How true? Eyes speak a lot in silence rather loud voice or words. Beautiful narrative and well reflected her insight though her appearance and stare like a mirror.


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