Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Empty Hearts !!!

Criminals, Rapists, Thieves, Terrorists, Naxalists, Talibans you name it.... this list can result in a never ending tirade. There is no single day when you not read about them and their deleterious acts. They are equivalent to cannibalistic savages. People who never hesitate to take pure and innocent human lives for some godforsaken personal motives.

Do they deserve a human life ???
Do they really have a humane heart inside ?? 
They have nothing 
but, a vacant box inside
Abominable lull
atrocious and vicious mind.

For the deeds they do
No repent, no redemption
exists on this earth 
What they only deserve is 
Ill-health and a life of dearth .

All the smiles they snatch 
and all the happiness they slay  
I feel pity  for 
those empty hearts 
Through which they 
As if they care and pray :O

Many are repercussions 
of circumstances
But few are born instances.
These lunatics and psychopaths
Can they ever justify ??
Will they able to explain
All the reasons and all the whys ?

Ohhh Alas !! 
They can never 
As they are insane
Devoid of neurons and veins 
They have empty hearts 
and I guess 
They have empty brains too.


  1. "and I guess
    They have empty brains too. "

    yes exactly. and fully agreed with your thoughts in the poem.

    with regards.

  2. शानदार अभिव्यक्ति!! निसंदेह वे रिक्त दिमाग़ विकृत दिमाग़!! सार्थक संज्ञा।

  3. @सुज्ञ, @yashwant: Thank you !!

  4. Jyoti ji,by saying them of empty hearts and empty brains,you have correctly presented their inside position.But,I feel instead of emptiness they are full of dirt and poison of negativeness,hatred etc.
    You have expressed your emotions in an excellent poetic way.Congratulations.

  5. @Rakesh Kumar: thank you sir
    and yeah rightly said they are full of negativeness and crap inside.

  6. आप भी सादर आमंत्रित हैं
    एक्यूप्रेशर चिकित्सा पद्धति का परिचय
    ये मेरी पहली पोस्ट है
    उम्मीद है पसंद आयेंगी

  7. What they only deserve is
    Ill-health and a life of dearth .

    Wonderful creation....what they do deserve is instant death penalty...a very heart touching poem..

  8. वे जो हैं, सो हैं। हमारे अखबार भी उनके महिमामंडन का कोई अवसर नहीं त्यागना चाहते हैं।

  9. @kailash: By instant death they will succeed in becoming a hero for their patrons.
    Therefore I guess a life full of struggle is what they deserve.

    @praveen: exactly... Media fills all the gaps with more make-up and spice.

  10. please don't include Naxalites in it.. tribal people from centuries have been deprived of their right to live and flourish as a community and now they don't have any other way to raise their voice other than the guns. Nice read :)

  11. 'What they only deserve is
    Ill-health and a life of dearth'

    Really Jyoti, the day they step on this path of terror they are devoid of health and abundance. It is true and natural. In modern times terrorism is becoming source of earning too. Isn't it ironical?
    It is nice poem.

  12. ये मानवता के नाम पर कलंक हैं।

  13. @rachit: This post is only for those whose actions are vicious, in no way I am trying to target a grp in particular.
    Thnx for the comment !!

    @Bhusan: They are doomed sir
    In 21st century money is everywhere, hardly a thing left which is not touched by it.

    @magiceye: thank you

    @manoj: I agree sir the biggest black spot !!

  14. It is very nice poem. Well done!!

  15. It is unclear to me if we shall blame the criminals or people who make criminals or both...Obviously they do not heart and neither they have brains.

  16. Welldone Jyoti dear,awesome poetry.really its very sad to think about such troublesome characters roaming around the correctly said they are brainless.they are hazardous in life.

  17. Jyoti ji ...not at all be condemned.well done nice poetry.

  18. kudos to you jyoti... they re indeed danger to society...

    I just dont understand human rights nowadays, I think it means something to some that most dont understand... Sigh

  19. What they only deserve is
    Ill-health and a life of dearth

    rightly expressed...
    the heinous acts executed by them
    are really condemnable
    these flagitious satans are a slur on humanity

  20. Jyoti , i agree with you 200% they don't have heart nor mind ,they are ruthless and they don't deserve to be in this humanity.Hope they will change ,is there a chance for them? shayad...

  21. Hi jyoti,
    I totally agree with you...nice poem!
    Described well.

  22. jyoti,hum is poem ko sirf nice poem kahkar hi nahi rah hamen kahin na kahin sochne par majboor karti hai...aise hi khali dil aur dimag ke logon ke karan hi na jane kitni ladkiyon ka jeevan indirectly effect hota hai..kai ladkiyon ko inki aaye din kii harkaton ki wajah se aazadi nahi mil pati..parents don't feel safe..isme unki koi galti bhi to nahi hai na...iske liye ye khali dil aur dimaag ke log hi doshi hain aur unhe saja kya milti hai...5 saal ki kaid...?

  23. Unfortunately, in too many places these kinds of people are running our governmental agencies and our society. They just cover their rapacity and animosity and greed with religion and political niceties. In the U.S., most are Republicans.

  24. Já estou te seguindo siga-me!

  25. @marija: thanx

    @A: both are equally responsible.

    @rajesh kumari: thank u mam !!

    @G N Shaw: thank u sir !!

    @strawberry: thanx honey !!

    @danish:right they r condemnable

    @angel: very lil chance

    @vivek: thank you

    @gowthami:thank you !!

    @neha: true, thanks for this lovely comment

    @jacob: exactly, and for them we can do nothing :(

    @erica: thank u

  26. ..yet, there are lots of issues to raise in here... but i can't blame you for having those thoughts... there may be ruthless but who are we to judge them... some of them have their own reasons for committing such act... very well penned..(:

    Take care.


  27. This Touch My Hearth Thanks For These.

  28. @kelvin: I agree there can be reasons, but no reason is big or grave enough to take lives of angelic kids and crime-less people.

  29. ..i respect you Jyoti, no offense... i just admired your writing...:)


  30. Anger genuine and justifiable...
    wonderful write.

  31. All the smiles they snatch
    and all the happiness they slay
    I feel pity for
    those empty hearts
    Through which they
    As if they care and pray :O

    True.... Sensitive creation...

  32. @kelvin: all fine, no hard feelings pal. Thanks again !!

    @preml:thank u !!

    @ monika: thank u mam !!

  33. Good topic. Those people have empty hearts and empty brains for sure

  34. great post...I think these people lacks brains...or rather they are just brainwashed...

  35. Alas most of them are victims themselves. Brainwashed and shown dreams of a 'jannat', or a free world or a kingdom while they don't realize that they are merely pawns.
    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  36. I am happy to see that you write very efficiently on critical issues.

  37. It's sad to think your so right, and that these people are taking over this world. I think some call it progress! ha.I call it the down turn of human kind. love the poem, but there is hope for us all still.

  38. See, nobody is born as criminals, talibans, rapists...

    Its the situation that makes them one. I would blame it on the society for God never created a vicious soul.

    Hate, vengeance and isolation doesn't help but makes the situation worse...

    If their empty hearts and brains were to be filled with something else, other the fore mentioned, wouldn't be different case altogether..

    I mean, this is just my opinion... everybody is entitled to their views...

    Liked your abstract though... :)

    keep it coming

  39. superb!!
    but corruption, law brakers are the part n parcel of life....
    well scripted!!

  40. These lunatics and psychopaths
    Can they ever justify ??
    Will they able to explain
    All the reasons and all the whys ?

    Ohhh Alas !!
    They can never

    So very true.

  41. @sub: yeah they r brainwashed, as they have one when they are born :D

    @leia: thanx

    @blasphemous aesthete: true they are pawns, real monster is hidden somewhere deep.

    @kunwar: Thank you sir

    @honest abe: Some people are trying that, but those people can be counted on fingers.

    @geoff: hope is always there !!

    @nirmal: yeah u are absolutely ryt, nobody is born criminal.... circumstances make them. But what they lack is judgement b/w ryt or wrong. As I have said no reason is grave enough to take innocent lives.
    Thanks for this lovely comment. These topics are debatable and its good that we are discussing it.

    @mukesh: yeah they are and its high time now to get rid of them.

    @Asha: thanks !!

    @sonu: thanks !!

  42. सच कहा है आपने ज्योति जी आभार

  43. Empty hearts is an apt way to describe it, Jyoti. Unfortunately, I can completely relate because here in Peru, the front page of the newspaper almost always displays death in some way. We are the only ones who can make positive changes for the world!

    Thanks for bringing this topic up, Jyoti!

  44. u wrote really well!! but alias no one can change them as they are even deprieved of human sentiments....:)

  45. Jyoti, very well written and kind of represents all that we citizens feel about such people. Keep writing....

  46. v well written ... keep writing !! u hv a new follower !!!

  47. Hate consumes us, love redeems us.

  48. very nice... keep writing ..
    You are welcome on my new post : Blind Devotion - अज्ञान

  49. Jyoti the humain rights activists will come out if you say "naxalites and their kins are insane ,bereft of the basic quantum of brain the neuron and grey matter .".This is the real problem of our times .Our parliament is an amalgam of tainted MPz .They say the guilt is yet to be proved ,till such times they are innocent .
    Thanks for you thought provoking posts written with a command and modern metaphor .Congratulations.

  50. I feel the same about these criminals who have ugly minds with vicious thoughts! You expressed it so well... I could never! btw Love the title. 'empty hearts' so opt and so much better than 'no heart'. Keep up the good work!

  51. I have tagged you in meme, check it out:

  52. Well i think that this post has a other side too i will try to look at it and if i can come up with something worth a read i will let you know for sure...

  53. I agree with you wholeheartedly!! They will never get any sympathy or compassion from me, people can change but this group of vile creatures deserve what they dished upon the victims. Well said my friend!!!

  54. took on a very big subject and spoke it well. In many ways, because of the depravity of the few, the world as a whole has been sinking to the lowest common denominator. The global connection has given them so much airspace. Those you spoke of and governments all around the world play humanity like a giant chess game..all in the guise of Religion, Power,Greed, and just pure anger and hate..the need to dominate. They send one message...but we can send another...that will be our job. Karma, your reap what you sew...would not want to be in their shoes.....

  55. PS...I am now following on NB and Google Friend...thank you...

  56. Good poetic post Jyoti!..but why to waste God gifted poetic talent
    on such darker sides of humanity when there are many brighter ones to fresh the pen.Its what I feel a kind of misdirection to a
    talent like yours! My expectations are high from you..just dont fall a prey to all such kind of writings so prevalent in blogosphere.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. @sawai: thank u

    @samantha: Its not only in Peru its here too, magnitude may differ.

    @nashtare: yeah true said. thanks

    @mahendra: thank you

    @prasann: thank u

    @shail: thank u mam

    @rids: thank u rids !!

    @Matt: I agree with you, but some ppl don't care abt redemption

    @sachin: thank u

    @veerubhai: thank u sir for this lovely comment

    @shruti: thnks honey !!

    @anmol: thanks !!

    @david: thank u pal !!

    @raven: true said, we should play our part nicely.

    @arvind: thank u sir for this lovely comment. I'll keep your advise in time ahead.

  59. Well said Jyoti ji ! Beautifully written marvelous creation.

  60. vaise to before this comment
    70 comments tells the story of this poem
    i just wana say that ...u are a superb writer
    iam following ur blog
    and thanks for commenting on my blog

  61. Hmmmmm,that was very nice and very sensitive.

  62. Really very meaningful creation, Jyoti.
    I Congratulate you. God bless you.

  63. Can they ever justify ?? as u said never ! thought provoking !

  64. In my opinion, this people still have a soul, a heart and a mind.

    There may just be an underlying reason why do such things.

    Great Words Jyoti!

  65. I think they're just misunderstood????

    lol on a serious note

    they are just psychologically confused and can't handle how life is treating them.

    Their purpose might be clean, but the means aren't

    sad fact for reality


  66. I didnt know you were a poet :). A contemporary one at that. Nice!!!

    'All the smiles they snatch
    and all the happiness they slay'. How they manage to sleep at night I cant fathom...

  67. Congrats on a meaningful, well written creative writing. It's my pleasure to visit your blog.thanks.

  68. फीलिंग्स बहुत टचिंग हैं.लिखो,लिखो,और लिखो.हर नया क्रिएशन ओल्ड से बैटर होता है.

  69. of course they neither have heart nor mind......... nice thoughts.

  70. jyoti ji
    main neha ji ki baat se puri tarah sahmat hun.ham sabhi in kadvi sachchaiyoe se roj hi rubaru hote hain .par bas padha kar dekh sunkar rah jaate hain jabki aisa nahi hona chahiye.
    sabhi mahan hastiyo ne apne -apne vichar prastut kiye hain aur vo sarahniy bhi hain.bahut si yojnaaye banti hain aur pfir aage ki karvaai salo -saal chalti rahti hain .midiya wale bhi kam doshi nahi hain isko badhava dene me.inki suraxha ke liye bhi yojnaaye bani ,par kahan tak bani ya abhi filo ke beech panne dabe hue hain .bhi! itni badi yojanako pura karne samay to lagega hi .ab ye unke haath me hai ki ---is beech hajaaron kisankhya me stri luti rahe barbaad hoti rahe ,apni jida lash liye marne ki ghadi ke intjaar me vivash hai,.
    par kaam to ho raha hai na------------;)
    ek bahut hi nihayat kadam jis par sakar ko uthani chahiye ,us vishay ko dil ke andar se kafi bariki se mahsus karke bahut bahut hi betreen v aankhe khol dene wali is marvelous
    poem ki liye
    dil se bahut bahut badhai

  71. these are not "random scribblings" but well thought pouring of your inner concerns for the society. well versed......

  72. this poem reminds me of the event in 9/11 and the gassing of the Jews. Both event involves empty-headed, angry individuals who harm innocent people for no specific reason.

  73. @Kiran: thank u

    @zeal: thank u

    @chirag: thak u

    @a-9ja-Great: thanks

    @rajeev: thank u sir

    @rajneesh: yeah they can nevr

    @lifestyle: as I've said b4 will say it agn no reason is grave enough to take innocent lives.

    @toni: exactly means are not.

    @nivedita: thanks

    @ginger: thank u

    @jazzy E: thanks

    @arun: thank u sir

    @sahil: thanks

    @bhumika: thanks

    @poonam: thank u for this lovely comment.

    @amit: thank u sir

    @cubic: yeah empty-headed nutcases.

  74. Nobody is bad. Everybody is good. It is just what they do that it bad. People can change.

  75. Jyoti,

    I could not have put it any better. It is so true.

    Take care

  76. Yes, they have empty hearts. If they had experienced love, they could never hurt innocent people.

    I pity them.

  77. only empty heart go thish way =========== nise post
    and i want u r fever my fb id is blog so plz send me frdship request i want join u on fb

  78. hi jyoti! first thanks that u have done write very nice poem !thanks u can come my blog samrat bundelkhand my blog link

  79. You are welcome..
    मैं तो आपके नए पोस्ट के इंतज़ार में आया था, किन्तु लगता है कि थोडा और इंतजार करना होगा !
    मेरी नयी पोस्ट पर आपका स्वागत है : Blind Devotion - स्त्री अज्ञानी ?

  80. @dhruva: okeah, but its damn tough to change them.

    @Rajneesh: thank u

    @jack: thank u

    @harshad:true sir

    @honey:thank u

    @upendra: thank u. I'll surely visit u.

  81. My philosophy of life differs from you a bit.
    The criminals according to me are definitely hate-worthy, but they are not devoid of human sentiments.
    The simple fact is some are capable of hiding their traits, keeping them to the permissible limit while others fall prey to their one flawed quality, which can be anything, money for corrupt, lust for rapist, misinterpretations for terrorists etc.
    I saw too much rage here, which is good to show but not good to hold on to.

  82. .....शानदार अभिव्यक्ति!!

  83. कई दिनों व्यस्त होने के कारण ब्लॉग पर नहीं आ सका

  84. @alive: I agree wid u and I'm not holding it.
    @sanjay: thank u sir !!

  85. I'm not sure anyone knows why some people turn out to be psychopaths or sociopaths, lacking most semblances of empathy or even humanity. They are a scourge on the earth, however.

    Some of their insanity derives from religion, I believe, and the god(s) in which they believe.

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