Sunday, June 26, 2011


hey fellow bloggers
Its been the worst week of my life till date. I have been disconnected to web from past  10 days ( still disconnected) and really it feels like hell here at my place. 
I am unable to watch your new posts and mine too :(

Will be get back in touch asap, pray that damn people resolve the problem soon. 

till than keep posting. 
Miss this place and hope  to get back in action soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Divided attentions..

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas on earth. Is there anything else which you can compare with N2 ???   Don't give too much stress. There is something which you can find almost everywhere. Hidden or exposed that doesn't matter, but no one can deny its existence. "Corruption" yes, this is what I am talking about.  What does corruption thinks about human race, have a look. 
Read this poem from corruption's point of view 

I am a problem
a hindrance, in everyone's way
You've subscribed me
I command, what you say

Gravely imbibed
As a homogeneous mixture
Swiftly, I'm reinforcing
in an invincible infrastructure.
You are my fosterer 
Keeper, my caretaker
But, I owe you nothing
not even my loyalty
That's my diplomacy 
My rules and policy

Encoded in your genes
I have flawed your inheritance
Dominant or recessive
you can sense my presence.
Redundancy, No chance
As I am destined to enhance.

Getting rid of me
is not an option
Indomitable to you
coz, you forged my adoption
I'll enjoy this realm forever
by virtue of your
divided attentions
and flawed conventions.
See, I told  you
Getting rid of me,
is not an option.

PS: Please visit my another  blog on which I'll be posting Hindi versions of my poem.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


He waited daily 
Outside the mall 
Just to get a single call 
Call of chance 
To go inside 
And lay eyes on this heaven 
With a sense of pride.

He has only seen it in the posters
Or heard about it from his friends
Who were not rich 
But they managed to pretend.
Lucky are they 
He used think 
But he never let his 
flow away or sink.

He used to stare 
from outside doors 
Shiny lights , People 
and crystal clear floors.
Unwanted he began to feel 
In front of God everyday 
He kneeled.

It was his dream
To go in that mall 
To shop for his sister 
Buy her The Barbie Doll
Which she has seen 
Once in a car 
When she was standing 
At bus stop, selling flowers.

They both were satisfied before 
As they were unaware of 
Unwanted desires and galore 
Which their little heart 
Failed to ignore.
Question Arises ?????
Who is more unwanted
These kids
Who undoubtedly
deserves a future brighter 
Their desires 
Which are fated 
To go higher and higher.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Flip Side..

As saying goes " Every coin has 2 faces" i.e every situation has two sides. But we  have a propensity for neglecting, not looking and understanding the other side. We fail to look beyond the information we gather from our own perception. 

 Overwhelmed by our own perception 
Acute reception and
Well calculated misconceptions.
We tend to neglect 
Flip Side
Open and wide 
the other side.

We hardly exert ourselves
To look and  feel 
the other side.
Or its apt to say 
Forget it...
Why we even try.

We are right
Ever shining, sparkling bright 
How can the opponent 
ever be correct ?
No way
they can never be right.

That's how we think 
That's the way we deal 
Other one is Wrong
It's a universal feel.

Somewhere in the sub-conscious 
what lies is - Conscience
We shall use that
from Time to Time
Thinking from both sides 
than only we should decide
What is wrong ?
What is right ?
Not much 
but at least we can try 
To give a thought on
Flip Side.

PS: This post in no way related to my previous post Empty Hearts  and it is also not related to the political turmoil going on in the country. This is an independent post about natural human behavior.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Empty Hearts !!!

Criminals, Rapists, Thieves, Terrorists, Naxalists, Talibans you name it.... this list can result in a never ending tirade. There is no single day when you not read about them and their deleterious acts. They are equivalent to cannibalistic savages. People who never hesitate to take pure and innocent human lives for some godforsaken personal motives.

Do they deserve a human life ???
Do they really have a humane heart inside ?? 
They have nothing 
but, a vacant box inside
Abominable lull
atrocious and vicious mind.

For the deeds they do
No repent, no redemption
exists on this earth 
What they only deserve is 
Ill-health and a life of dearth .

All the smiles they snatch 
and all the happiness they slay  
I feel pity  for 
those empty hearts 
Through which they 
As if they care and pray :O

Many are repercussions 
of circumstances
But few are born instances.
These lunatics and psychopaths
Can they ever justify ??
Will they able to explain
All the reasons and all the whys ?

Ohhh Alas !! 
They can never 
As they are insane
Devoid of neurons and veins 
They have empty hearts 
and I guess 
They have empty brains too.


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