Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers just have a way of putting everything together

Every father have that magic stick which when used can make you feel protective, loved and carefree despite all odds. He always manages to find a way of putting everything together and will give you a perspective and a base nobody else can  :)

If your papa is anything like mine then like mine you'll keep scratching your head on every Father's Day or Birthday or Anniversary about the gift you are going to buy for him. He never wants anything. Like literally nothing, escaping the question the moment you put it...  Mum's no help either. She's one step ahead and declares... NO NEED just behave good, BEST GIFT :P

Despite all eccentricities and weirdness, every family is gifted with some, we always enjoy and have fun on special days.. and me and my brother planning no different this time. Few words, as I can never find enough :)

We'll never find enough words to say
you always stand beside us, comes what may
We can say thank you only so many times
and we can never say sorry enough
when you overlook our crimes
where life will take us
we can only guess now
but, keep asking us on every step
what, why and how
as your questions keep us sane
in this ever distracting terrain
on which this assumed smart
but naive heart and brain, much likely to slip
if not for those bunch of
care-coated fatherly restrains

~ from your kids..
who want nothing more but to make you proud, all the time :)
Wish you all a very very Happy Father's Day
Take Care and Enjoy in whatever ways you can.. 


  1. So true, the good ones always find a way to help you.

  2. Like father like daughter nice that you not only remembered this day but paid your respects to your father in such a beautiful way! This epitomizes the bond between daughter and father ! Heart touching!

  3. I think almost fathers are similar and your post expresses my behalf as well! Lovely tribute to your father and you both share similar aspects on look :)

    my best wishes to your dad

    1. Thank You Jeevan..
      I'll convey the wishes.. and yeah all Dads are same :)

  4. beautiful words for fathers are blessed with a good one...smiles...i hope you gave this to him as i know it would make him feel special today...smiles.

    1. Smiles...I did in the early morning..
      he loved it :)

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your father :) he looks like a truly friendly soul and an inspiration.

  6. Happy farther's day..Reverence!


    1. to u too Megha..
      Welcome on Random Scribblings !!

  7. oh what lovely words you found to honor your father...did you read it to him? i bet he loved it - and you should print it out for him as well as i know he will read and re-read and re-read...smiles

    1. I did, I wrote it down on a paper and gave him :)

  8. :) can relate with this post :) Happy Fathers' Day.

  9. A very beautiful dedication .. I'm touched!
    And yes, you are absolutely right : ''Fathers just have a way of putting everything together''

    Happy Fathers' Day to your dear dad..
    Best wishes

  10. How sweet and thoughtful ~ Happy Father's Day to you and your family ~

    Have a lovely week ~

  11. Good to see that even Dads are getting some space in this Blog's world now, otherwise its the MOM who always run away with all the credits for parenting...... :)

    "we must not take our parents for granted when they are old"

    Happy Fther's day.....!!!

    1. hehe true.. moms takes all the limelight :P
      to u too !!

  12. इन लाजवाब शब्दों ने आपके पिता को प्राउड जरूर फील करवा दिया होगा ...
    पिता के प्रति इस भावना को उम्र भर बनाए रखें ...

  13. A lovely dedication for father, Jyoti!

  14. He wants you to behave good and you guys want to make him proud - this is the beauty of this wonderful relationship. Beautiful post :)

  15. No words are ever enough to describe how special a father is. I guess we all girls are always going to remain our Daddy's little girl :)
    Lovely dedication :)

  16. A nice tribute on Father's Day. Is he one of your readers?

    1. Thank you Sir..
      No, he's not in to blogging or computers per se..
      but I do make him read some times :)

      Welcome here !!

  17. Parents are always the best gift of god bestowed upon us, its upto us to cherish them..

  18. that was so sweet and touching...

    I am doubly happy..guess why....this time i didn't come across any unfamiliar word, though i was on my guard apprehending something to pop up in its horrendous suddenness....Phew

    1. ha ha.. you are funny Ritesh :P
      I wanted to keep it that way.. Simple :)


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