Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fear is for what is still to be lost..

I know what the fear is.
The fear is not for what is lost.
What is lost is already in the wall.
What is lost is already behind the locked doors.
The fear is for what is still to be lost.
 Joan Didion, Blue Nights

Fear is something we are all capable of conceiving. Height and might  as varied as speck of a dust to the length and strength of a mountain. Sometimes people fear simple things, I do. Things which are so infantile , when looked, but means a great deal. In time this naive brain is conditioned and it starts confronting the demons in it s own peculiar ways.

I fear things. Things that are yet to come. I fear the unveiling of the curtains that have been lying closed for years. They were intentionally kept closed. Now they think I'm strong enough, inviolable and can handle what awaits. But am I ??

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Fear not, but fear too
as it's something
not easy to dispose of
use it as a catalyst
if I can do..

Like wrinkles on my tee
some fears are temporary
little convincing is all I need
to render them dead
garb wrinkle free..

Cheerful countenance
at all times
often helps me most
I pretend, and just like that
it ends..

I fear to loose
what I might not get
and what I may
and that keeps messing
with me, night and day..

I fear not to loose
what I intend to,
bonded so strong
deep-six these old souvenirs
how do I do ?

Some fears are soaring
never fading stains on my tee
ever flaunting their presence
biting little teethes
ecociding, poor me..

To extol this fact to the world
in flashy words that, I fear
sometimes, every time
what that makes of me ??
a wrinkled, stained tee ??

My mum says-little fear is good. It drives us forward for good. The catalyst, which we all in need of. Fear provides that push forward. But, how to scale this figure ? Can we scale this figure??


  1. Primitive and original form of fear is instinctive- something has to stimulate it only to come to fore ....but we can nullify it with knowledge and learning .....but what to say of fools who rush in where even angels fear to tread......nice writing!

  2. The pic which you have deliberately pasted in your post is really fearsome! :-)

  3. भय जीवन की गति का कारक भी है। अधिक डूबने से असमंजस लुढ़क जाने का भी।

  4. Lovely poem Jyoti! Little fear is a good thing. I loved your idea of using it as catalyst!

  5. Nicely penned, loved second last verse. :) Nice image too.

  6. सच है दर्द को आंतरिक हिम्मत की तरह इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए ...
    अच्छा कहा है ..

  7. you write so well...everytime i visit this space, i am left marveling :O

  8. Sometimes fear can surely help and a lot of times it can hinder

  9. well i think fear is a builtin thing in the humans just like everything else... but only the reason may differ for different people... wonderfully depicted :)

  10. Nicely written jyoti.
    I really don't know whether fear is good or bad. It is unavoidable and most of the cases it's related with your past experience, upbringings etc.

  11. wonderfully write jyoti ji bahut khoob to fan ho gaya apka

  12. Very inspiring Jyoti. We all have our own demons to fight with.

  13. fear is part of life...and we can use it to propel us, protect us....just dont let it keep us stuck....we all have them...the difference is in what we do with them....welcome back...smiles.

  14. Sometimes fear can drive us and motivate us...sometimes it needs to be faced head on and embraced in order to move forward :)

  15. Fear is not as insurmountable as we think. Each time I fear, I imagine the worst case scenario and think how it might/might not affect me and the fear is greatly reduced. Personally, I think fear is also a matter of perspective, similar to happiness.
    Thanks for sharing your art and thoughts.

  16. fear is a big theme for me as well...some fears indeed can be helpful and prevent us from doing stupid things..others are just irrational and freeze us..make us unable to move on.. needs a good bit of wisdom to handle them in a good way

  17. the idea of using fear as a catalyst is bang on..:) fear can at times be a good just needs to be faced..:)

  18. Beautifully written, Jyoti. I think most emotions have a good and bad side. Fear can motivate or stymie, and in its most insidious, wicked form, it can engender prejudice.

    VR Barkowski

  19. Great American Leader once said,
    "We have nothing to fear...except fear itself."

  20. You covered nearly every aspect of FEAR, it was a good read. Thak you!

  21. Liked the analogy of the tee!!

  22. ...the fear to something yet to come is a self made fear... i think the greatest fear of all one can encounter is the fear of having noone or nothing to fear of /with... smiles... as always you provide a very meditative thought... smiles... great analysis Jyoti.... loved it!

  23. fear is the emotion i hate the most

  24. i read somewhere fear gives wings to human beings... wings to fly or fight...

  25. Thought provoking. I feel fear makes us human. And, what's more beautiful is that when we overcome fear, we grow as a person. It challenges us. It's an important emotion to have and conquer. BTW, loved the new 'About Me' section :)

  26. Thoughtful,Jyoti..Affirmative thoughts drive away fear. I had posted an article on fear.If time permits pl.eye it.

  27. This isn't just a poetry, this is also a reflection of our fear, all of us. We all have fears, sometimes guarded, and at times they come out in the open.


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