Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dangerous DOUBT

Many of times despite of all preparation, motivation and confidence a tiny 'doubt' pops out and shakes everything around. Like a virus it comes out of thin air and leave its deadly germs. This "Doubt" constantly bothers you. The continuous inner struggle of twisted, knotted apparently opposed things. 
Abstruse habit of absolute perfection is somewhere along the line is responsible for this doubtful-behavior most of us have.
Dangerous 'Doubt'
Dangerous 'Perhaps'
Both have the potential to alter anything in a big big way. 

Out of nowhere 
in middle of something 
vital. Baneful presence 
of even a tiny DOUBT
can alter the final projection 

Some say, doubts
are not always bad. 
Is it ??
Be a pure pedantic.
cross every T's 
and dot every I's. 
Answer every What's 
Find every Why's. 

But, is that the way 
you like to work ???
Always judgmental
Constant self-questioning 
and a never ending state of 
dubiety. Where goes the 
concepts of probability, 
confidence and mental ability ?

One thing that has helped me in such situations is Boyzone's song " No Matter What" 
No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true.

No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back !!
When you smell a presence of doubt
What you will do ? Speak out...


  1. Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother....Gibran

    Well regarding tackling of doubt when I have doubt I question ...myself and the other person ....with all honesty.....In my humble opinion doubt is like mist that disappears in the light of communication....

  2. Lovely weave Jyoti! I too believe in
    'No matter what they teach us
    What we believe is true.'

  3. Tickling:) doubt regarding doubt and a poem as bottom line! What else remains! you have reached to ultimate wisdom! :) what is left to be preached further!
    Nice read J !

  4. nice..i like the song lyrics...i am one of the ones that believe not all doubt is bad...i think many times the questions we ask can deeper our faith...

  5. I tell it to bite me and move along and then sing a different song. But those germs can stay away they cause dismay..haha

  6. Nice.
    Faith helps in fighting with doubt.

    When Laxman heard that Bharat is coming with
    all forces to meet Ram.He doubted and became
    extremely furious.But,Ram's faith in Bharat was tremendous.So,Laxman cooled down on Ram's advice.
    So,mis-happening avoided and all was pleasant.

    When Bali doubted his brother Sugreev,he
    tried to kill him.But,Bali himself was killed
    by Ram (although he was a profound devotee of
    Ram) due to his doubtful furious behaviour,

    When Hanuman was attracted by Kaalnemi chanting
    Ram naam,but could not deceive Hanumaan due to
    extreme faith of Hanumaan in Ram,and Kaalnemi
    was ultimately killed by Hanumaan.

    1. Great examples Rakesh saab to boost the languishing faith against the demonic doubts.

  7. Superb expression....good to read u after a long....
    Loved the image too...

  8. A beautiful thoughtful post about doubt!!...Liked it :)

  9. When in doubt have faith in acquired knowledge and then ask questions, one after one, for future clarity. Nice poem Jyoti.

  10. This is a Beautiful Piece about DOUBT.. Interesting read Jyoti..

  11. Doubt is like a drop of poison in a bowl of pure milk. It can ruin everything.

    You wrote about it in a great manner, and I love the song you mentioned. :)

  12. Jyoti,

    Right you are. Tiny doubt makes one lose confidence faster than anything else. And doubt on some of the things also come in the way of happy relations.

    Take care

  13. It's frustrating, but you've got to do what you got to do :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. Brilliant come back Jyoti. When in doubt, I always try to pause, pray and take a decision. I don't like living doubt taking too much space, it can destroy a lot of things.
    Thanks for sharing the song, it is inspiring. Take care.

  15. WHat i do is when in doubt.. think again and listen the heart .. and then go for it with all guns blazing :)
    you win some you lose some .. but when you lose get up and think again and TRY again


  16. A post to shatter doubts and cultivate confidence.

    It really helped me.

  17. such a wonderful expression. Nice to read.

  18. lovely post
    when iam in doubt i tried to find out the positive outcomes of that doubt...
    and i just belive on myself

  19. I love that boyzone song! Each sentence in the lyrics of the music is truly touching and inspiring. And its very much true that no matter what the world says and how people point out each silly thing in our life, we have to move ahead in life without doubting and not looking for perfection in every step of ours. Striving each day to become perfect is not a bad idea, but in this endeavour we must not forget that we have always been an imperfect creatures. So whatever we do and however it is, we will find our own way:).

  20. No matter what they tell us
    No matter what they do
    No matter what they teach us
    What we believe is true.

    hahaha...........nice........and true.

    regarding ur qn, ..whenver i will have a doubt, i will pass it on to the person before me :) :)

  21. Well said in a poetic form. Doubts indeed make us gain knowledge but most of the times, doubt free state of mind gives us peace and helps us live a stress free life. I liked the lyrics of this song:)

  22. Very deep thoughts...what will be the charm of life if every thing is certain and there is no doubt about the step we take...superb as always...

  23. You weaved a simple and thought provoking post on a complex topic. Interesting read!

  24. i agree with brian. i tend to place my doubt on the table, look at it, smell it, question it and, once satisfied, hopefully allow my intuition to guide me next. some doubts are so sneaky they linger below the surface so that it has taken me years to discover them, and i am still discovering. others seem to disappear the moment i see them clearly. sometimes they breed like rabbits. other times my landscape is without them completely.

  25. Very true about doubt and no doubt it peeks random, keeping us from certain and disappoint at level of quite. Doubt sometime makes better the work and keep sought learning. Perfect doubt!

  26. very complicated emotion - 'doubt'
    very well penned


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