Friday, March 9, 2012

Rotten Wood Cannot Be Carved.

Children are the most beautiful creature on earth. Neonates be it of a homo sapiens  or of any other species, they are delicate and beautiful. Look at a cub, a hatchling, a piglet or young ones of any ugly looking species. They are adorable, innocent, very adaptive and eager to learn new things. That's the way nature works. Whatever you teach, they will follow you accordingly. Therefore education plays an important role in shaping up our whole personality. 
We are what we are because of the kind of education and upbringing we got.
 But, only few are Lucky !!!! 

She was born 
in a house, full of holes. 
Scrawny and scraggly
she grown. 
With tattered frocks 
and no one by.
She fancies, may be one day 
she'll have a good-life.

School- just a name of another place. 
She returns, everyday with a Blank Face.
Object of mockery 
nothing more. Rag picking and 
rambling was her chores.
She perfected slanguage
in matter of days. 
Her life got twisted 
like some messy maze.

Her pupillage, now she says
is culpable, for what
she is today. She doesn't blame
but, claims.
'If I wasn't  left 
like a forest wood to rot'.
I could have been carved 
in some fancy piece.
But, now I am lousy,
like some despicable disease.   

The whole purpose of this tirade was to convey that not education, but a better, proper and quality education holds the realm of possibility of a good-life. 
 Sadly millions of children are bereaved of it.
We not only lack physical capital but human capital too. I really appreciate the people who are working for this noble cause . In betwixt and between of fake policies and promises there are few people and groups who are selflessly working in field of promoting quality education.
One of my friend owns an NGO and working on a project called by name Project PustakShala which aims at establishing a creative library in Govt. Schools across India.
A lovely idea -- 
To support 
1) Register Yourself at
Select follow and vote radio button !

2) Verify your email.(Check your e-mail inbox for DSIC Mail & then confirm it.)

3) Click on vote button at "Project Pustakshala" ( under education category ) 
One wise man aptly said -
"To raise a son without learning is raising an ass; to raise a daughter without learning is raising a pig."


  1. Jyoti,

    I fully agree with you about quality education for all round development of child.

    Take care

    PS : Please do let me know more about this NGO.

  2. What u have said is so true.

  3. is each one , TAUGHT One .. wont the world be a good place to live .. you dont have to go to good schools for education , it can be done at home tooo

    A lot of things add up to education .. All the best to your NGO friend


    1. it would.. wish everyone start thinking like that :)

  4. a beautiful n moving writeup JOJO!..kudos 2u 4 bringing abt such an awareness!!

  5. Jyoti, you write so beautifully. <3
    Always nice to read your stuff.
    What an important message..

  6. a note for a cause! much appreciated and beautifully written.

  7. So very true, what education can and can't do, all should have it.

  8. Very right in content and very aptly expressed by you Jyoti..... Education is something that separates a thinking human from a trained animal who just follows....The sole purpose of education should be to create a quest for WHY ...because a person with WHY can handle any WHAT.....It is sad and unfortunate that many are still deprived of this basic necessity....

  9. Scrawny and scraggly she GREW. Nai?
    Its a very thought provoking piecec never the less.. We all see her, don't wanna be her, but nobody wants to help her. Sigh

    1. that's the root of stagnation.. despite of all policies and rules teh condition is almost same.
      Wish everyone does his/her small fraction of part than situation can improve in big way.

      thanks !!

  10. Hi Jyoti,

    I could finally find your blog! Haha. Here are the links to some of my other flash fiction that you might be interested: “The Scholar and the Boatman:
    “Two Rupiah Notes”:
    “Becoming Human”:
    “Chinese Bamboo and Paulo Coelho”:
    And the latest: “Pham and Her Gold Fish”

    And by the way, nice blog you have up here! Keep shining, beautiful girl! :-)

    Subhan Zein

  11. Yes, education is the key to it all for the children for their future. Not easy when they live without so many of the basics we need to survive.

  12. Lovely thoughtful writing Jyoti! Noble thoughts n heart of gold

  13. That is a hard hitting slap of reality. Very nice poem, indeed! Carry on, Jyoti!

  14. it is sad what is denied many in our world, and that there is so much we could do if we would set aside the petty and work together to accomplish it

  15. कहाँ तो तय था चिरागां हर एक घर के लिये,
    कहाँ चिराग मयस्सर नहीं शहर के लिये।

  16. Powerful and touching post...we are lucky that education is free here up to high school. I am very aware that not all children are provided with this as it is expensive. Thanks for this ~

    Hope all is well ~

  17. A beautiful and lovely realistic poem....and what you mentioned is absolutely true...Every child deserves to be educated....:/

  18. यथार्थ लिए रचना ..... बहुत ही उम्दा

  19. It is sad. The deprived are everywhere. Education the tool of change is elusive for them. A real pity! Beautiful verse. Thanks for bringing up the issue!


  20. for sure. those in poverty understandably want technical training that would allow them to work a job that pays. that's what a lot of the underfunded schools in the u.s. are doing, or at least attempting to do. this is understandable, but education is really about the liberal arts. things that don't mean a bigger pay check are often worth pursuing, but that sort of education is a luxury for those attempting to pull themselves out of poverty.

  21. Brilliant poem and we sure need wholesome education, not just teaching how to read and write. I think this is a part of BSR.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Education is a Must,well said Jyoti. Getting more inspiration to start a foundation here..

  23. Thoughtful... Makes reader to think and feel for a while on the subject.
    As always superb use of vocab...

    Message promptly conveyed....Great work!

  24. good cause Jyoti and yeoman's service to humanity!

  25. Deep message, provoking yet so essential to remember children education is key.
    Thanks for another brilliant piece Jyoti.

  26. ज्योति जी
    नमस्कार !
    सुंदर सन्देश है रचना में
    होली की सादर बधाईयाँ...
    जरूरी कार्यो के ब्लॉगजगत से दूर था
    आप तक बहुत दिनों के बाद आ सका हूँ

  27. Hats off! It touched me inside. I am for sure registering and voting for PustakShala. You are blessed Jyo.. Hugs


  28. Very true and it stroke the heart string! How pities a part of our children’s life are... but it’s everyone’s right to take care of others and what we learned and earned are to share and not to store for ourselves alone... and we need a heart to lean without expectation.

    Well written Jyoti! Hats off

  29. wonderful writing on an important topic. a little liberal arts should be sprinkled on with a trade or two atop all not just a lucky few :)


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