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Insanity Sanity- a state of total mind control. When you are fully aware of the fact that you are doing right thing at right time and place. Tragedy is  you can never find a properly documented list of sane/insane acts. Line which divides sanity from freaking illogical insanity is an absolute blurr. Transition from sane to insane is so smooth that it is almost impossible to catch its glimpse... you miss the precious moment all the time.

We all suffer from sudden episodes of it... sometimes we realize it, we apologize and amend things. But damn there are few times when we practically do Blunders. The probability and intensity of executing such blunders increases amazingly when you are with your best buddies  :P  Lets say that 
it just adds another bump in the roller-coaster ride of your life.

Is it just ME or everyone else thinks too that-
"Insanity in individuals is something rare but in
groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the Rule"

Lets discuss the arcane case 
of the gene-insane
Some may label it, as an act of 
a typically damaged brain. 

When we are alone, literally busy doing nothing :P this insanity resides miles away. We do fine in our own fortress of solitude. May be because the tiny brain of ours is unaffected by the garbage all around. But all the wisdom goes blank when you are in company of your friends. If you want to see it in practical, go out in evening and observe a group of peers.. unnecessary burst of laughter, long discussions on illogical points, proving the other one wrong, pulling legs and what not. You can write thesis on insanity if you observe too long. :D 
I see no harm in this, this temporary insanity fills our life fun moments. 

As I said all these misdeeds are harmless when they are confined to pint-sized things. Everything is fine if the context is small. Complication arises when same kind of activities are disposed of by groups (NGOs), parties(political parties), nations (govt) at large. I just gave a single instance of every type and it won't be an exaggeration if I say that all of them have taken insanity to an entirely new level.

Blame games in the name of discussion, monetary profit in the name of development and growth, fancy policies just to fill the A4 size paper ( wasting tonnes of paper). Its like all of them are lost in this ubiquitous mist of insanity and got no one to snap them out of it. 
Insanity is now their moral code. Everyone has somehow acclimated to this new improved definition of SANITY. 

I'm worried... Are you ???


  1. Dear Jyoti, what a wonderful blog you have. I have read some of the items here and I am ... impressed. Your thoughts about such different kind of issues I love that.
    Thank you for visiting my weblog on haiku. I am glad to hear that you're a admirer of haiku. Thanks for commenting on my haiku. I am an all time haiku poet (since the late eighties) and I am living haiku.
    Come and visit me again ... you're comments are very welcome.


    1. thanks :)
      sure I'll.. always enjoy your work !!

  2. haha sadly the case with the politicians and government, new definitions of sanity are prevelant there for sure....nice rip too of a verse there at the top....

  3. Excellent post.

    If we weren't insane in some moments, we wouldn't be humans.

    1. To err is human ...and to forgive divine...but ...if the eraser wears out before the pencil is definitely overdoing it....

    2. sure to forgive is divine but if we keep forgiving these people who beleive in insanity there will be nothing left to forgive soon ..


  4. I was told in the beginning of my job. Don't try to reason out a mob.

  5. haha oh insane can be quite fun, even leads to a rhyme being spun..haha

  6. The line dividing sanity and insanity is a thin one and people who define are not too sure of this themselves:) Lovely writing , Jyoti

  7. Jyoti,

    Right you are that when in group we do things which we would consider insane when alone. And true about groups you mentioned, specially political.

    Take care


  9. Bouts of insanity in individuals is okay but I agree when goverments do it then it's totally wrong. Power corrupts!! Nice post :)

  10. An interesting read indeed! As far as individual insanity is concerned I wish to remind you of a famous dictum -'there is no genius without the mixture of madness!I wonder if both insanity and madness are synonym.. whatever it may be your prose writing has come up very neat, creative and impressive.Do you know what Sanskrit Scholars have stated ages earlier-" Gadyam kaveenam niksham vadanti" i.e. Prose writing is a litmus test for any litterateur! And you have passed this litmus test in flying colours,I must say! Kudos!

  11. Excellent post jyoti ji
    i am read complitly.....and after reading i agree with u

    gud wishes to u holi festival
    from Sanjay bhaskar

  12. Well Said Jyoti,we really should be worried coz if we take a closer look,we are going to realize its doing more harm than good..

  13. Hmm I dont have the answer to it , but insanity is sort of gone into the D.N.A of our leaders and governements now that is very worrying .. so yeah i am worried as with reference to the few things or happenings that have happened in our nation, where we said people have woken up , mass is getting together it has NOT worked it has all died a slow death , as far as i can see..

    SO that is worrying cause the insanity of leaders will sure make the sane go insane sooon ..


  14. Insanity in individuals is something rare but in
    groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the Rule"....makes so much sense...thought provoking post Jyoti.

  15. Lovely post,Jyoti
    Glad I stopped by...
    Will be here again. And yes I must tell you that you are my 130th follower!! Wow! I'm so happy!
    Will keep sharing my thoughts with you.
    Thank you so much :)

  16. Your analysis of modern day sanity is quite amazing,you made so much sense.Indeed we all have a bit or 'normal insanity' in us,but we curtail it.However,the 'sanity' as described by you which is indirectly 'insanity' is somewhat worrisome.Nice one!

  17. Sanity is a relative term. What may be perfectly sane for one set of culture and circumstance, could be truly outrageous for the other, such as Arab men rubbing their noses to greet each other.

    You have searched for the 'thin line' in your post well.

    ps. Those burst of laughter is what life is made of. Go ahead, have fun!

  18. great words. its all about how do we consider those little things. it may get very serious or may be the moment of enjoyment. its really great reading u.

  19. Who would hate the child inside? Sometime silliness exists to keep away the seriousness to prevent becoming more insane... Wonderful thoughts and perspective at different.

  20. I think you must have heard
    or read the book 'I am Ok,You are Ok'

    According to it,there are three part of our personality.
    Adult or 'thought' part
    Parent or 'taught' part
    Child or 'emotional'part

    There must be balancing of among these three parts.
    Otherwise insanity may occur.

    Nice thoughtful post,Jyoti.
    Wish you a very happy Holi.

  21. Very true an individual one may be great, but when he becomes a part of mob his entire personality is changed and becomes unpredictable. Wish u a very Happy Holi !

  22. First, very well written and thought provoking. Sanity/Insanity is a state of mind on a larger scale. You can, then, term it relative or as a group phenomena. Also, since it is related to humans, you can never draw a clear line.

    One a lighter note, I know I am a perfect example of gone insane, even in solitude...;)

  23. insanity is the way of nations, which is a product of men. war, extinction, contamination all are products of the dominant culture. there is no talk of a viable, long-term peace becuz the men who run the world aren't interested in it. this we call normal. war is called the peace process. we call for a cure for cancer but not for a clean up of the environment or accounting of the toxins put into the animals used for food. that's why i blog.
    i find people around the world aren't insane at all.

  24. such a thought-provoking post on a situation that is deeply worrying

  25. politicians are all insane and in turn they make us the public insane and in turn we make each other insane and in turn everybody is insane at some point in time in their lives... nice post :)

  26. All humans have a degree of insanity but most of them are sane most the time.

  27. well, let me label this one..This post is from a completely constructive brain....Agree to you completely...

    Loved the lines when you describe pals, company of friends......Lastly Blame game in name of discussion.......

    This one has in a way a constructive satire in a indirect manner...

  28. the great Human Behavior !! thought provoking post ! Wish you a very happy holi !


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